Thursday, April 29, 2010

tax credit anyone?

Man so that 8 grand tax credit is suppose to end tomorrow I guess. You can tell. We had a showing last night, one today and we are about to have another one tonight at 6.. I'm hoping someone wants it! ;-) its been crazy with showings lately. All we need is one offer so I'm saying a prayer for tonight. I just can't believe how many last minute house shoppers there are. Tomorrow we are heading down to wheatland so lilly can see her grammysandy and papa wade. We are going to stay the night down there and head back saturday so I can study for my last unit test. Then comes the final. I'm doing really well though I have a 93 in the class so I'm not too worried. Lol I just looked out the front door and someone else was getting a flier. I can't seem to keep that thing full either. Only two more weeks and I get to see my hubby. I can't wait. I'm missing him pretty badly. Lilly is too. At breakfast she kept asking about him. Oh and the little munchkin can count to three in chinese.. Yep you heard me right. She was lining up magnets on the fridge and said 123 in chinese. She watches niho kalan or whatever that little show is. Right now she is dancing in the living room to gaba gaba.. Funny girl.
Anyway I gotta get her and myself ready to leave the house. I'm really glad people are looking but its kind of a pain to keep leaving the house.. I won't complain if my house sells though.

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