Friday, April 23, 2010

well maybe its a good thing..

So i found out today that the hospital has already called theri second round of graduate nurses to come in for interiews. I didn't apply there but one of my firends did and she is way smart and way professional and way pretty and has 10 years of experience as a medical assistant and.. no call from the hospital. They told her they weren't interviewing her. she didn't make the second list. the first list was of people that already worked at the hospital as cna's or lpn's. So i'm thinking that jobs are really going to be hard to find up here. I know a few girls that are having trouble finding anything other than the nursing home. So i may have trouble in phoenix because everything i see there says they want a year of experience but at least there are tons of hospitals and offices to look in to. !! please pray for myupcoming big test and my job hunt. I just want to find the job that i'm suppose to be at.
Allan is liking his job still. he keeps sending me pictures of all these fun places to eat and things to do.. I can't wait to be there. I'm a little lonely and trying to keep my head up. I have a to do list two miles long so really i don't have time to be lonely. I'm about to get online and book allans ticket back here and book a uhual for our move.
Anyway i guess i should do that while i have time. I need to get the house piicked up and laundry done. I have my last delegation day tomorrow and then i can burn my red and white scrubs!! woohoo. After that i have an open house on sunday. See a to do list a mile long and that doesn't even cover it. So you may not here from me till sunday night. see ya!

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