Wednesday, April 14, 2010

he made it!

Allan made it to phoenix. He sent me pictures of his drive and then sent me a picture of inn and out that he was having for dinner tonight. He says he loves the apartment place so far. That its very nice and clean and new looking. My friend from the navy lives close , john throop, so he came over and helped allan unload the big furniture. That was very nice! So allan is all set up. he will have cable on friday but other than that he has everything he needs. He is watching movies and getting settled in. I have been studying my butt off and wishing i was in phoenix. The house is so very quite with just me and lilly and seems lonely once all the girls i study with leave and go home. Lilly has been really funny lately. She learned to jump off things and say " tada" with her arms up like a gymnist. She was also playing hide and seek today with lala. she would go to a wall and count to 2 and then say here i come turn her head and say " i found you" . lol. Tomorrow i take a big neuro test. then i work friday and sat on my delegation rotation. i work two 12 hour shifts back to back. i haven't done that in a very long time. I'm looking forward to it but also hate living lilly for so long. She is a little sad. keeps asking for daddy even though she is a little twerp to him when he is here. Anyway i finally have her down so i'm going to get a hot bath and try to relax.. i say try cause i don't love the empty house feeling.

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Sandy Keyes said...

Glad Allan made it there alright. Good luck on your tests. Your delegation rotations will go quickly, because you will be learning so much. (Well, that is what I hope for you) Give Lilly a hug and kiss from us. Love, Grammy Sandy