Sunday, October 30, 2011

misery!! horrible itchy misery!!

Yes it's horrible itchy misery. I decided that i hate stretch marks and I don't want any more than I already have. So I went out and bought a thing of wonderful tummy butter. It's basically coco butter. Guess what? I used it two nights skipped a third night and woke up with the worst horrible itchy tummy in the world. I have tiny dots everywhere. Guess who is obviously very sensitive if not allergic to coco butter? I'm not allergic to anything. NOTHING ZILCH!!! but when i get pregnant I become super sensitive. I had the worst rash in both armpits from deodorant the last time i was pregnant and i switched numerous times. Well this time my belly is on fire. It's one big mess of itchy horribleness. I'm going to go soak in the tub and put more cortizone cream on it. good night!

dont get comfy..

yes don't get comfy with this background it isn't staying either. I just don't have time to fix things and pick out a different one. I was trying this one and decided nahh.. so we will change it soon but for now it's here even with a ding dong header. lol
what else?? oh baby news for today is that we have names picked out. We have had the girls name for quite some time already so i think we have already told people so i'm going to share it on here. If it's a girl we will name her Olivia grace keyes. If it is a boy well it's a surprise and we aren't really worried about anyone naming their kid the same thing because it's diferent enough but not eccentric. And that's the only clues you get about that. We have another ultrasound on Friday so I'll post how that goes later.
We had a wonderful trip to the schnepf farms. It was fun for all. We rode rides ( by we i mean they) the girls loved the little gravity coaster. We had dinner by one of the stages with a band singing familiar songs by johnny cash and other oldies. The dinner was okay but they had corn on the cob that must have been right out of their fields and it was amazing! i made Allan go back thru the line and get me another piece and i didn't even care that it was overpriced at 3 dollars. lol it was good. ( this baby has me craving all sorts of things, first it was beef jerky at 5 am, then i wanted sweet stuff like slushies and milkshakes, but now it's been veggies like corn and salad. I want a salad all the time.. but I haven't been eating that many of them because I want a salad for a king not just some lettuce in a bowl. haha)
Anyway, the farm was so fun and have i mentioned that lilly is obsessed with mario and luigi? yes she is she loves the video game and picked a video game character for halloween costume. well when we were leaving the farm and the kids were tired and pouting lilly's eyes suddenly lit up and she took off running away from me and i went following her and she was saying " hello mario" one of the boys at the farm was dressed up as mario. SHe went and stalked this kid down saying " hello mario its me lilly" she wanted to hug him and stuff but i don't think he was feeling the same. I think he had a disorder of some sort he had very jerky movements and couldn't stay still but he was friendly and said hello. His family thought it was cute that she was so taken with him. So i let her say hello a few more times before i drug her off out of the farm. HAHA.
And with that note I'm going to sign off of here cause it's my hubby's last night home. He goes to Africa again for a month. So we are going to go have dinner with mom and aaron at san tan flats and relax for a bit. hope everyone has a very fun and safe Halloween. I'll be sure to post pictures later.

Friday, October 28, 2011

pumpkin carving

allans ghost pumpkin

my face. it has two teeth.

the girls made a cat bat with a little help

allan hard at work

emma hard at work

dad got out the power tools.. yes he really did.

lilly kept telling him that he was cheating.

she ended up touching the pumpkin "guts" but it took her a while to give in.

it really is time for a new camera, I'm asking santa for one this year. Mine is just no good. I hate not being able to capture good pictures. But stay tuned we are going to the farm tonight for some good family fall fun. More blurry crappy pictures to follow lol.

hello happy halloween weekend/fall/whatever

We have emma right now. WE met up with her on wed at her schools family night. It was based on having fun with math. So emma, her mom, allan, me and lilly ran around doing math problems and had fun. we got to see her school which was nice.

Today was crazy hair day. I got to experience what other moms have complained about.. when your kid tells you that it's crazy hair day at bedtime the night before and they have high hopes of how crazy they want it to be.. or like other moms might complain of cupcakes the night before, etc.. So i told her I would get up and help her gt ready in the morning. Her dad usually does it and takes her to school, but i knew if he did crazy hair day it would be crazy but not such a cool crazy that she wanted. lol. (he is a little better at girls hair but hasn't mastered it still, he gets credit for trying though)

So this morning we got up and i did her hair in 5 minutes and she loved it! we had glitter spray that you can't really see well in the picture. I stood the braids up with straws in the back of them. LOL.. and sprayed them with glitter and hairspray. She was thrilled with how crazy she turned out. I gave myself props for even being this creative on a last minute with no real crazy supplies.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Doctor visits, family time, pictures

Well this morning was my ultrasound and i know i had a very nice happy ten things that i was happy and thankful for before this post bt i'm going back to my grouchy miserable self right now.. lol. Okay for those of you that know me you know i'm not that miserable but i can be grouchy. Today set the mood early. I woke up and started guzzling water cause it was my ultrasound day. I had about an hour so i thought i better start putting away the water. i put a bunch down my throat got dressed tried hard not to pee and went downstairs to ge tmy keys and hope if i got there a bit early i would get to go in quickly and then get to pee.. you ladies that have had early ultrasounds have to know what i'm talking about. being pregnant you have to pee always anyway and having someone tell you not to pee makes it worse but when you have to fill your bladder on top of all that.. well it's almost impossible i have found. Anyway as i'm getting my keys i hear a message on my phone and it's the doctors office calling to say the doctor ( like all OB doctors) is still in surgery and they have to move my apt till an hour from now.. ughh!! Anyway I decide to just get in the car go get some breakfast and a sprite to keeep drinking and do some thinking in their parking lot. I like moments to gather my thoughts randomly. Well.. while i was in the parking lot I got an email from the senior faculty chair of the nursing dept at the school i am attending. It said that I needed to contact my instructor immediately and make a plan and that she expected me to not be disrespectful to her new instructors and to show them the same respect i had showed her.. ( i had like 8 classes with her when i first started the college).. I was slightly confused ( still am).. So i called her cell phone ( yes we are pretty much on first name basis after this semester). She answered and I started with.. " i have no idea what is going on and why do i need to call ( i would have loved to insert some choice names) instructor?" she said she didn't really know wha tth eproblem was either but that she was asked to " talk" to me. I think she knew i was getting fed up with the conversation because we quickly came up with a plan that was for me to write " a nice" email asking the instructor what exactly she would like me to do or fix. BASICALLY WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? I sent her an email 3 days ago asking if she would be grading any of my papers that i had turned in on like the 8th. I figured 10 days was pretty sufficent grading time considering i'm the only student in the freaking class. anyway she never responded to my nice email about when she might grade them but today i got that senior faculty email. I think it's bs if you have a problem maybe you should discuss whatever the problem is with the student. I seriously don't know what has set this lady off but this is like the 3rd time and I am only on week 5 with her. come one give it a rest!!! So needless to say i wrote the nice email asking what the crap her problem is LOL>. She still hadn't responded and I wrote the senior faculty lady again and said i had gotten no response and i don't know what her deal is i'm not being disrespectful but i'm 30 and a nurse not 5 and in trouble in kindergarten.. please.. Anyway i told her that i wouldn't be dropping this class so that teacher could give me bad grades on my work if she wanted to but i have a 98.8 in the class and have turned in assignments only 1 was late due to a time zone difference ( i turned it in late the night it was due and apparently it counted it for the next day instead of before midnight on the due date).. but even with that my grade is fine.. so what in the world. She told me to notify her immediatly if i didn't hear a response from the instructor within 48 hours. She also said i would not be getting any points deducted for any of that.

SOOOO i went in to my ultrasound and they took my bloodpressure.. guess who's was high? lol mine. I told them I had gotten pretty ticked off before i walked in. ;-) ooppsie..

So they said my bleed is still there. I could see it this time. They said it hasn't improved but it hasn't gotten worse either. It's 1.6cm by 1.08 cm roughly. They did however say that I'm still to be on pelvic rest for 2 more weeks and they want another ultrasound in 2 weeks. So we get to see alot of the little feller in there.. or sister.. whichever. I could tell it had grown a bit in the last 2 weeks. And i could see little stubby leg and arm thingy's lol. it was moving( probably ticked off like me)

So I am going to work one day this next week. They told me tha ti had vacation and sick time that i could turn in if i wanted to have a paycheck worth looking at. I told them to turn in two days worth so basically i will get 3 days worth of pay this coming payday. woohoo. well i only worked 12 hours so i guess that's nice. I did think it was nice of the staffing lady to check on me and ask if I wanted to turn in any. So i'm working sunday and it should be very slow ( don't jinx myself) Then i have a mandatory nursing meeting on either monday or wed. Not sure which one i will go to yet.

Anyway here are some pictures of the girls goign to the nursery with me. They just love looking at all the flowers. We may be planting a tree or some climbing plants this coming week so we were looking at the selection. The picture of just lilly is her showing off her mario sweatshirt. She loves mario right now. She has been playing video games with her uncle and begs to go play. LOL

Sunday, October 16, 2011

No more complaining today.. I"m inspired.

10 things I'm thankful for right now!!!!
1. that my husband made it home safe from africa.
2. that i can hear the sweet voice of my husband while he cheers his team on downstairs and hear my 3 year old sweet pea cheering on dora in the other room.
3. I had a massage today and it was so relaxing.
4. We have a wonderful house full of food and it is kept a nice temperature of 75 degrees. ;-) can't forget the basics.
5. That i have a job that lets me take time off whenever i need to and pretty much make my own schedule. It's handy.
6. That my step daughter has moved much closer to us and we are able to see her alot right now.
7. That my mom and brother live down the road from us and even though they struggle from time to time they are close enough that we can help them and they can help us. It's nice to have family so close
8. I'm thankful for my friends too. I have made some neat new ones and I have got to keep some old ones that are dear. I love being able to call all of them and talk from time to time.
9. I'm thankful that it's the end of the year. I love all these fun holidays coming up. I'm also very glad that while allan won't be here for thanksgiving he will get to be home for christmas. yeah!
10. I'm also very thankful and blessed that we are having another little baby. I know i have been complaining like crazy but the truth is i'm very thrilled to be pregnant even when it is stinky and tiring and well if i keep going down this road it will ruin my point that i'm thankful for it! ;-)

procrastination.. my middle name?

Yep there are things i should be doing today. I have 2 papers to write for school. They are due tuesday so i have another day or so but today i should of been doing at least one of them. Am I? nope. Don't want to. Can't make me.. lol. I should also be cleaning my house or making some lunch or super for my family. Am I? nope.. nothing sounds yummy today. I got all the ingredients for that yummy cheesy potatoe soup i was talking about a few days ago and now it sounds like something disgusting to me. LOL. weird huh? my tastebuds just can't be satisified right now. Today a big ham dinner sounds really yummy. I'd like to make a ham with brown sugar caoting on it and make some mashed potatoes instead of that soup. Some corn sounds good with it or some coleslaw but do you think i'm going to do that?? nope probably not. i'm so lazy today. In my defense i am doing laundry and watching football. I am enjoying this NFL sunday ticket that we got this year. It was a promotion from direct tv. We aren't paying for it but we get to see every football game every sunday. It's nice. We wont' renew next year. We are too cheap and that thign is expensive but if your an avid die hard nfl football fan then it's worth the money i guess. We arent but we like to watch it.

Allan just took emma home. Those crazy girls had been fighting nonstop for three days. But when you yell at them and tell them they are being mean to each other they instantly feel bad or start crying cause they love the other one. Its crazy. LOL. We didn't make it to the pumpkin and chili deal at schnepfs farms. We want to go but we will probably wait till emma comes back. The kids have so much fun with the petting zoo animals and all the rides. Emma wants to be a vampire for halloween this year and lilly wants to either be mario or Rupunizil from tangled. She wants emma to be luigi but emma isn't cooperating too much. Anyway guess i'm going to go watch some more football and be lazy some more.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

ok just putting it out there..

I know i'm complaining quite a bit lately. I feel myself complaining quite a bit but I just can't seem to get into a nicer happier mood. I'm uncomfortable about 80% of the day. I am only 8 week s pregnant and i keep hoping its just this stinky first trimester and that as it moves along I will start to feel better. But as of right now i'm still just pretty miserable all day. My belly feels just like a bad bloated day that isn't going away, but i can't get comfy at night so it leaves me tired from getting up either hot or having to pee a million times. Then during the day i border on this queasy feeling all day. Its like when you know you have had too much to drink and you start to feel yucky and you just want to make yourself throw up so that you will feel better (except I haven't had the pleaseure of drinking anything..) I have not been throwing up at all but i'm really almost wondering if I should just make myself and see if I feel better, but since I'm pretty sure its the baby making me feel this way I don't think it will help. I'm pretty sure I will just feel worse and have puke breath.. LOL.
I shouldn't complain. My wonderful husband is home and he has been helping out a ton. He took the girls swimming so that i could get in a nap( i did take one, but woke up feeling yuckier). He is also going to watch them tonight so i can go have some me time later. I'm not only feeling yucky but I'm irritated at everything right now. I think i have had an overdose of these kidos and just need a break right now. However, allan just went to the gym and as soon as he left the doorbell rang and guess who is here right now.. that weird girl i don't care for. She came yesterday and the day before and we have been telling her no she can't come over and the kids can't play but i caved in because the girls answered the door and begged me to let her work their new puzzle with them. I know she is just a kid but I still don't like her. Can't explain the feeling. I know it may sound weird to you all but she just gives me the willies. She looks like a darling little blonde haired girl though. I'd take a picture to show you all but i wouldn't be suprised if in it she had horns or didn't appear or something strange. lol.. okay I'm kidding. obviously i'm a big softy because her she is sitting in my front room working puzzles. okay so i'm done complaining today. I'm sorry I'm just miserable right now and wondering if it's going to get better. I had a very easy pregnancy with lilly. I know they are all different but i assumed it would still be the same.. LOL. This one is sucking so far! really it's stinking! but i said i was done so i'm done. Hope everyone is having a very non stinking day. ;-)

Friday, October 14, 2011

pictures of our reunion with daddy dearest.

okay so the pictures are a little backwards. This is when we got to the house. They wrestled and he tickeld them and they love it!

more tickling.

On the way home allan could not wait to get to his favorite In and OUt hamburger joint. Apparently the food on the oil rigs in africa leave something to be desired. he is a hungry man right now.

daddy helping his girls

they were so happy to have him home again.

I think they almost forgot what he looked like cause they didn't see him coming down the line at all. He snuck up on them. lol

Waiting on their dad they looked at all the neat stuff in the airport.

Being sweet sisters.. rare photo!

Looking for dad's plane when we first got there.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Goodnight moons weekly song link up..

Okay i picked this song because I am resting.. and being lazy and i'm pregnant and i'm suppose to be doing nothing. Not lifting, not stressing, not not not... anyway So i'm not doing anything today.
ON a different note my hubby comes home from africa today. We live in phoenix and a few days ago i thought our AC went out and I have been dreading having him come straight home and fix it after being on a plane for 20+ hours. Well i decided to double check it today.. Working fine so far! I think a rock or stick must have gotten in there when our neighbor was doing yard stuff. Who knows but so far it's nice and cool in our house still. I'm sure some of you are wondering why we have the air on in OCT but notice i said we live in phoenix. We had one nice cool week and it's back up in the high 90's this week. Might hit 100 today or tomorrow.
Anyway enjoy the song link up. Go over to goodnight moons blog and check it out. You can find a link on my sidebar. ;-)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Picture day..

Okay so it's just random pictures of what we have been up to the last few days. WE went to denny's this morning cause once again i was craving seasoned fries for breakfast.. lol. The kids love dennys though. I think it's the chocolate chip pancakes that capture their interest. But our days have been filled with visits to the park and pool. I just sit and watch and take pictures at the park but we have been going over to my mom's heated pool to swim. Our pool in the backyard has gotten too cold and i'm not sure if the chemicals are right in it right now since my pool boy (aka husband) is in africa.

Emma taking a break.

Lilly trying to keep up with her big sister.

Lilly putting her shoes on the right feet. We seldom have them on the right feet for some reason. LOL.

Lilly being a big girl. She makes my heart pound slightly when she climbs on bigger things but she is pretty careful and seems to do it just fine.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

i forgot these two pics..

We had quite a few pictures the other day. I guess i should have known they saw something by the amount of pictures they were taking. lol.. Anyway here is our little baby bean. Allan says it's a boy. I think it's a bean. ;-)

a couple pictures and some randomness

The above picture is of both girls sleeping in my bed. The were passed out cold this morning. I ran them pretty hard yesterday. I took them to the park and let them run and run. Then we went and had a little fire over at our friends house last night. They ran like the wind over there too. So they slept good.

okay let me explain this picture.. I didn't sleep well because of this and made both girls come get in my bed just because i had a weird eerie yucky feeling last night. So here is what happened.. yesterday afternoon I was looking at the swing and i had this weird thought that it ws going to fall down. I even remember looking at that particular chain. I remember thinking jeezz that could hurt a kid, and thinking i'm not sitting in it and i wonder how bad it would be on the baby if i fell in that thing. Can you guess who fell in it? There was nothing wrong with the swing. No reason i should of been alarmed but let me tell you it freaked me out when it did fall and it was the side i had thought about. how do you guys feel about people carrying weird spirits around? Okay I'm not exactly saying possessed but let me explain this. There is a little girl who lives next door and I'm not sure what is wrong with her but she straight gives me the creeps. My mom has met her and doesn't feel at ease when she is around either. She snuck in our house the other day too. Long story but yes she was hiding under a coffee table and no one had let her in. When she comes over, after she leves lilly is always in a horrible mood no matter how happy she was before she came. It's just little weird things about this kid. Is that horrible for me to say? Well i thought i was probably being horrible so i decided to let the kids play together yesterday. Guess who was over when i was having those weird thoughts about the swing? yep this strange kid. So anyway that is why i had weird eerie feelings last night. It doesn't help that my husband is still gone but he will be home on thrusday. Thank goodness. I called mom and we both just prayed for a little while on the phone, then i put on a christian channel cuddled up with both girls and i slept well.

this picture is of rocky our dog on the bottom and dauby a big boxer on top. WE decided that rocky needed to meet a dog his own size cause he tries to play with my mom's little dog and it just doesn't work. So these two dogs met and i was a little worried but it ended up in piles of slobber and they stood up and "boxed" each other like boxers do. ( rocky is part boxer) But they never growled or really even barked at each other. So rocky has a friend now.

These are the pretty flowers my hubby sent to me at work for our anniversary. ARen't they pretty. I wasn't sure if I had shared them or not. Okay that's enough for now.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ultrasounds, Fall weather, cooking..

Okay here is some randomness. First things first I went to my ultrasound yesterday morning. They said there is a healthy little baby in there with a heart beat of 128. However after the ultrasound i had to wait around fo rthe doctor which i thought was a bit odd because I didn't need to seee her for anything. I had just had an apt last week. Anyway she told me that i have what is called a Subchorionic bleed. I"m going to post at the bottom of this page info about it so just keep reading if you want to know more about them. From what she told me mine is very small almost to the point they stop monitoring them but she did want to see me back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound just to check and see that it was either not there anymore or smaller. So allan will get to go this next time and we are praying that they will see nothing but one healthy little baby. I"m 7 weeks. I guess bleeds that are caught in the first trimester have more of a chance of going away by themselves. The wonderful bodies that we have just reabsorb them. However, having a first trimester bleed can make you more at risk for a miscarriage. I have never had a miscarriage but I know plenty of people that have had one and it's just something that i'm refusing to think about at this time. I'm relaxing and taking it easy and enjoying time with lilly and waiting for my husband to get home so he can wait on me hand and foot.. lol at least until we find out that it has went away. I never really thought about how much " heavy" lifting i do in one day. I did laundry today and i had to make a bunch of small trips to the dryer because i didn't want to lift the whole basket at one time. Getting lilly in and out of the truck yesterday took my mom or brother. So we won't be riding around in that thing again. She can get out fine in my car. The truck is just a little higher. Anyway we are fine just taking it easy but keep us in prayer till we get the all cleared please.
No about this fall weather. It's goregous and i'm loving it. I have all the windows in the house open and it's a cool 70 degrees in here. Lilly and I have been hiding in blankets watching tv and loving it. She has on a new fall outfit today. We call them party clothes. LOL. She is in the cutest little shirt and pants. The pants are like stretchy ones that have all different colors and the top is one of those long ones that has the fluffy layers at the bottom. REminds me of the 80's. Too cute.
Cooking- WEll it's the fall weather but i seem to want to cook everything right now. The weather and my growing belly i think. I found a good recipe for cheesy tater soup the other day from one of the gals i grew up with. So I'm going to give it a whirl in a day or two. I gotta get some supplies from the store. So today i think i'm going to do homework and just relax more. ;-)
here is the info on the bleed if your interested. :
What it is: Also called subchorionic hematoma, subchorionic bleeding is the accumulation of blood within the folds of the chorion (the outer fetal membrane, next to the placenta) or within the layers of the placenta itself. These bleeds, or clots, can cause the placenta to separate from the uterine wall if they get too large, if they develop in a bad spot, or if they aren’t eventually reabsorbed.

How common is it? A good 20 percent of pregnant women will experience some kind of bleeding early in pregnancy, though it’s often hard to tell what’s causing the problem. Subchorionic hematomas are even harder to pick up because they don’t always result in noticeable spotting or bleeding, especially when they’re small.

Who is most at risk? There don’t seem to be any specific risk factors for developing a subchorionic hematoma in the first place, but if you do wind up with one, there are factors that can make you more — or less — likely to have a positive outcome.

What are the symptoms? Spotting or bleeding may be a sign, often beginning in the first trimester. But many subchorionic bleeds are detected during a routine ultrasound, without there being any noticeable signs or symptoms.

Should you be concerned? You wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t worry when you see blood, no matter when it occurs in your pregnancy. And that’s actually a good thing, especially if it prompts you to get in touch with your practitioner, who can make sure there’s nothing amiss. While most subchorionic hematomas dissolve on their own, it is possible for the clot to get in between the placenta and the uterine wall, resulting in miscarriage.

Here’s the encouraging news: More than half of women who bleed during their first trimester go on to have perfectly healthy pregnancies. But because subchorionic hematomas have been linked to increased risk of placental abruption and preterm labor, you don’t want to ignore signs of spotting or bleeding.

What you should do: Call your practitioner; an ultrasound may be ordered to see whether there is indeed a hematoma, how large it is, and where it’s located. Depending on the findings, as well as on your practitioner’s preferences, he or she may put you on strict bed rest, insist you refrain from lifting heavy objects, and avoid exercise. In most cases, you’ll be asked to avoid sexual intercourse until the hematoma dissolves and disappears

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lilly keyes ds

BE SURE TO TURN OFF MY PLAYLIST SO YOU CAN HEAR LILLY BEFORE YOU PUSH PLAY! This is the new video of her playing her new ds game. Compared to the one i took last oct i think she is so talking better. Her little voice is still so cute to me though. On a different note does anyone have a recipe for good cheesy potatoe soup? I think i'm craving potatoe soup.. if i don't find a good recipe i may have to go to outback they have delicous potatoe soup. Random posting I know.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lilly keyes pumpkin

This is of last haloween. Listen to her little words. I'm going to post one of her from today in a little bit when i get it uploaded she talks so different now. Its a wonder what a year does. ;-) they grow up so quick.