Sunday, October 16, 2011

procrastination.. my middle name?

Yep there are things i should be doing today. I have 2 papers to write for school. They are due tuesday so i have another day or so but today i should of been doing at least one of them. Am I? nope. Don't want to. Can't make me.. lol. I should also be cleaning my house or making some lunch or super for my family. Am I? nope.. nothing sounds yummy today. I got all the ingredients for that yummy cheesy potatoe soup i was talking about a few days ago and now it sounds like something disgusting to me. LOL. weird huh? my tastebuds just can't be satisified right now. Today a big ham dinner sounds really yummy. I'd like to make a ham with brown sugar caoting on it and make some mashed potatoes instead of that soup. Some corn sounds good with it or some coleslaw but do you think i'm going to do that?? nope probably not. i'm so lazy today. In my defense i am doing laundry and watching football. I am enjoying this NFL sunday ticket that we got this year. It was a promotion from direct tv. We aren't paying for it but we get to see every football game every sunday. It's nice. We wont' renew next year. We are too cheap and that thign is expensive but if your an avid die hard nfl football fan then it's worth the money i guess. We arent but we like to watch it.

Allan just took emma home. Those crazy girls had been fighting nonstop for three days. But when you yell at them and tell them they are being mean to each other they instantly feel bad or start crying cause they love the other one. Its crazy. LOL. We didn't make it to the pumpkin and chili deal at schnepfs farms. We want to go but we will probably wait till emma comes back. The kids have so much fun with the petting zoo animals and all the rides. Emma wants to be a vampire for halloween this year and lilly wants to either be mario or Rupunizil from tangled. She wants emma to be luigi but emma isn't cooperating too much. Anyway guess i'm going to go watch some more football and be lazy some more.

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Anonymous said...

Mario and Luigi would be so cute! We will have to work on Em for that one...or maybe she can be the princess or something. She is looking forward to the pumkin fest. She has not stopped talking about it.