Sunday, October 30, 2011

misery!! horrible itchy misery!!

Yes it's horrible itchy misery. I decided that i hate stretch marks and I don't want any more than I already have. So I went out and bought a thing of wonderful tummy butter. It's basically coco butter. Guess what? I used it two nights skipped a third night and woke up with the worst horrible itchy tummy in the world. I have tiny dots everywhere. Guess who is obviously very sensitive if not allergic to coco butter? I'm not allergic to anything. NOTHING ZILCH!!! but when i get pregnant I become super sensitive. I had the worst rash in both armpits from deodorant the last time i was pregnant and i switched numerous times. Well this time my belly is on fire. It's one big mess of itchy horribleness. I'm going to go soak in the tub and put more cortizone cream on it. good night!

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