Saturday, October 15, 2011

ok just putting it out there..

I know i'm complaining quite a bit lately. I feel myself complaining quite a bit but I just can't seem to get into a nicer happier mood. I'm uncomfortable about 80% of the day. I am only 8 week s pregnant and i keep hoping its just this stinky first trimester and that as it moves along I will start to feel better. But as of right now i'm still just pretty miserable all day. My belly feels just like a bad bloated day that isn't going away, but i can't get comfy at night so it leaves me tired from getting up either hot or having to pee a million times. Then during the day i border on this queasy feeling all day. Its like when you know you have had too much to drink and you start to feel yucky and you just want to make yourself throw up so that you will feel better (except I haven't had the pleaseure of drinking anything..) I have not been throwing up at all but i'm really almost wondering if I should just make myself and see if I feel better, but since I'm pretty sure its the baby making me feel this way I don't think it will help. I'm pretty sure I will just feel worse and have puke breath.. LOL.
I shouldn't complain. My wonderful husband is home and he has been helping out a ton. He took the girls swimming so that i could get in a nap( i did take one, but woke up feeling yuckier). He is also going to watch them tonight so i can go have some me time later. I'm not only feeling yucky but I'm irritated at everything right now. I think i have had an overdose of these kidos and just need a break right now. However, allan just went to the gym and as soon as he left the doorbell rang and guess who is here right now.. that weird girl i don't care for. She came yesterday and the day before and we have been telling her no she can't come over and the kids can't play but i caved in because the girls answered the door and begged me to let her work their new puzzle with them. I know she is just a kid but I still don't like her. Can't explain the feeling. I know it may sound weird to you all but she just gives me the willies. She looks like a darling little blonde haired girl though. I'd take a picture to show you all but i wouldn't be suprised if in it she had horns or didn't appear or something strange. lol.. okay I'm kidding. obviously i'm a big softy because her she is sitting in my front room working puzzles. okay so i'm done complaining today. I'm sorry I'm just miserable right now and wondering if it's going to get better. I had a very easy pregnancy with lilly. I know they are all different but i assumed it would still be the same.. LOL. This one is sucking so far! really it's stinking! but i said i was done so i'm done. Hope everyone is having a very non stinking day. ;-)


Nicolle said...

I'm sorry you're miserable right now. Even though you are early in your pregnancy, I'm sure your body is just trying to adjust. I know it's awful getting up all night to pee, and your hormones are just all out of whack. I feel for you! I hope this new week is much better for you.

I know it sounds like a silly fix, but I sucked on peppermints all during my pregnancy, and it ALWAYS helped with being queasy and just in general.

Jenn said...

autumn has been eating gingersnaps to help with the yuckiness. It has helped a lot. She is starting to feel a little better actually. She is haveing a few more days where she is not feeling gross...she is still throwing up every so often though.

That little girl was at your house when I went to get Em tuesday. Well both of the neighbor girls were there. Not sure which is which lol.

The Keyes Family said...

Thanks ladies for the ideas. Gingersnaps might make me puke.. i hate them but peppermints are an idea. I'm glad autumn is feeling better. Yeah the littler girl is the one i don't care for too much. My mom has been getting a little better about saying no but she still has a hard time.