Friday, October 28, 2011

hello happy halloween weekend/fall/whatever

We have emma right now. WE met up with her on wed at her schools family night. It was based on having fun with math. So emma, her mom, allan, me and lilly ran around doing math problems and had fun. we got to see her school which was nice.

Today was crazy hair day. I got to experience what other moms have complained about.. when your kid tells you that it's crazy hair day at bedtime the night before and they have high hopes of how crazy they want it to be.. or like other moms might complain of cupcakes the night before, etc.. So i told her I would get up and help her gt ready in the morning. Her dad usually does it and takes her to school, but i knew if he did crazy hair day it would be crazy but not such a cool crazy that she wanted. lol. (he is a little better at girls hair but hasn't mastered it still, he gets credit for trying though)

So this morning we got up and i did her hair in 5 minutes and she loved it! we had glitter spray that you can't really see well in the picture. I stood the braids up with straws in the back of them. LOL.. and sprayed them with glitter and hairspray. She was thrilled with how crazy she turned out. I gave myself props for even being this creative on a last minute with no real crazy supplies.


Nicolle said...

OMG, I love her hair!!

The Mason Bunch said...

Love the hair, Emma. Hope you and baby are doing better.