Thursday, July 31, 2008

What's happening around here..

Well i took aaron and mom up to the mountain to see the overlook. I'll post a pic or two of that. They like the mountain. I guess it reminds them of ky with the curvy road and all. Allan was home for a couple of days but he was busy working on the basement. He got most of it wired for the two rooms so that they have outlets and he put in calbe to both bedrooms in case we want tv's in there and he fixed the duct work so that we can cool or heat those rooms too in case they need it in the winter. The summer has still kept the basement pretty cool but the winter might be a little chilly down there.

Today i had a bunch of running around. Allan left last night for a rig and wont be back till maybe tomorrow if he comes home this weekend. Allan did take an hour the last two days to go shoot in the hole in one contest at the golf course. It's a booster for the local high school. Anyway the top ten of each day that get closest to the hole get prizes. Allan qualified both days. He got 7th place on tuesday and 3rd place for yesterday. He won a 3 month membership to the YMCA and a work horse for 7th place then today he got a huge shop vac. I'm notsure how big it really is but it was heavy carrying it to the car. I had to pick up his prizes since he isn't home.
He also gets 2 shtos to win a truck but they take the closest to the pin that day. I think the top 6 people and let them shoot for a million dollars. lol They have to get a hole in one though. Allan may or may not even be here to take his shots at the hole. He goes out of town alot these days. I hope he is. It would be fun to watch. Talk about the time to get a hole in one.. lol

I went to the college today and priced my books for this semester. YEPPPP 800.00 bucks just for the books. YUCK!!! I have store credit for selling back my other books. IT's only 160.00 though. ON top of the books i still have to pay the tuition which i think is going to be around 700. I have to also buy a couple more scrub tops, a lab coat, oh a lab kit that is 120.00 and... hmm i can't think.. oh yeah i have to get a physical and pay for some shots. fun stuff huh? I hate pooring out money but I guess if i graduate a nurse it will be worth it. I'll mak e all the money back eventually right... lol.. I bought a stethoscope, googles, pen light, and a pocket organizer thing to keep all of that in, that was only 30 bucks. I did buy two more pairs of scrub bottoms and that was 50 dollars. OH it just keeps adding up. Okay i'm done talking about it. I just hate spending money even if this is a good thing to be spending it on.

Tonight is a concert in the park. I'm not sure if we are going or not. I'm a little tired from running all around town. I need to take a nap while lilly is but it's hard cause it's my one quite time to do what i want to do.

I finished up my summer classes today. I don't know my grade yet. Allan got a B i think in his geography class. He put forth minimual effort though since he has been working so much and just doesn't have time.

what else.. hmm..OH I need to go get jake a birthday present. I think I'm going to get him some fall clothes. Or some warmer ones anyway. The way talks about that kid eating i'm thiking about just giving him a box of food. lol.. He'd like it better than clothes i'm sure. haha. His birthday party is August 16th i think at 11. Which works out good cause my friend Carissa is getting married that day at 6pm. So i'll have time to do both and get lilly a nap in between probably. The fair is in wheatland and it was very nice of Sandy to call and see if we wanted to go but Carissa's bridal shower is also that day. I forgot about it and carissa reminded me not so happily about it. lol.. i need to also go get her a wedding gift and bridal gift i guess. I'm still so behind in all i need to do. This getting ready for the nursing program has me running around like a chicken with my head cutt off. lol

Anyway i think i will go lay down for a few minutes to get ready for round two later today with lilly. She has had an attitude lately. She is pretty happy for the most part but she will let you know right off is something is wrong. i can't wait for her to crawl. She is sitting pretty good now. She still takes a spill or two and when she does she can't get back up to sitting on her own but at least she is sitting now. she is sitting in highchairs at restaruants and we are still working on the grocery cart in the store but she is doing it pretty good.


that's aaron on the mountain!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My little miss Sunshine

Here is a picture of lilly with her sunglasses. I made her try them on in the store then she didn't want to let me have them back... so i bought them for her even though they were a tad bit too big. She will grow into them I'm sure. lol. OUr friend Milk is over here working on our basement. He has both walls framed already! yeah!!! So allan is home tonight and is going to try to get the electrical part done while it's just the framework. He is suppose to go to some rig tomorrow. I don't think it's the one in Utah just one here in Wy. So he is going to try to get as much done today as he can but he has to go buy some parts that he needs. We are out of electrical boxes and outlet covers and all that jazz. Mom and Aaron are out running around doing some errands and i've been doing homework all day but i'm about to quit and make some spaghetti for everyone for dinner. We haven't had any pasta for awhile so it sounds good with some texas toast garlic bread. YUMM. I think i"m getting hungry already!
Hope everyone is having a good week so far we are!

Monday, July 28, 2008

the happenings around here

Yesterday was a busy one. I've been rolling out a sealant in the basement and it is the thickest stuff i have ever seen. YUCKKK. My arms are sooooo sore. lol.
I took lilly over to see her cousins yesterday. She was very interested in Jake. I don't know why babies always go for the other one's eyes but i was telling liz i hope jake doesn't go straight for her eyes and i looked down and there was lilly going for one of his eyeballs. lol.. Jake was adorable waving. He waves and waves. Maddie was cute too. She is talking up a storm now. i brought her a milkshake and she was running around talking about "my chocolate milk!" haha. anyway i posted pictures on the photosite of the kido's if you all want to check them out. Liz and nolan both looked alot better this time. They were sick the last time isaw them but they look like they recovered well. Lilly loved jake's toys. This girl is into toys now. She use to just put everything in her mouth but now she takes the time to really check items out. she shakes them and hammers things and rolls things. She just loves toys now. WE've had to by her some bigger baby toys. Stuff that sings and lights up and does all sorts of stuff. She is loving it.
Here is a picture of the kids playing..

Friday, July 25, 2008

Hey There

Yep i haven't wrote in a while. I've been busy. Tonight i went to Bingo with Muffy and one of her friends. It was fun but we didn't win. I went over to my neighbors house today and looked at her basement. They completely remodeled downstairs and it looked awesome. They have the exact same floorplan so it was interesting to see. They put in beautiful tile. It was really pretty, so anyway i got a few good ideas from over there. They told me some good tips. It was fun to look around.

What else? I guess not much or i just can't think right now. I'm super tired. Lilly has been so active these last few days. She is fighting naps and bedtime as hard as she can. She doesn't scream but she kicks her arms and legs around as fast as she can and gets really excited .. It's funny but hard not to laugh and if you do laugh she gets more excited and it's a viscous circle that never ends until she finally just gives in to the sleepiness that has been there the whole time. lol..

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Way to tired for much bloggin!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Good bday dinner

So we made our crab legs and steak. Everything turned out so good. Allan and Aaron were sucking down crab legs before we even got outside to the table. lol. We had a good night. We all sat around outside and allan had some beers. Everyone was very relaxed. It was a nice time to sit around and tell stories. Today aaron and I met allan for lunch over in mills. He is working and we aren't sure when he is going out of town my guess might be tomorrow or wed cause they are waiting on parts.
Lilly is fast asleep and so is mom taking a midday nap. I'm procrastinating on my homework. I have a final english paper that i really need to work on but i'm putting it off in a bad way. I"m just so over this class already. I want to go swimming. Mom and aaron are going to go to the ice skating rink and maybe the pool when lilly wakes up. Lilly loves that pool! I'm thinking i will work on the paper then. ;-) when it's nice and quite here in the house. Tomorrow is the farmers market. I'm going to try and go. Allan wants some more of this steak rub he bought last year. It's running out and he wants a few more tins of it. Anyway, I'm going outside for awhile to enjoy the sun! See Ya!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

RIP Heath Ledger

that was him as the joker.. he played it soo good. but below is him in his regular skin.. what a hunky man. lol..
RIP Heath Ledger.

Super Movie

Okay so we went out on our date last night. It was so much fun. I didn't have to worry about lilly at all. That was super nice. Mom said she took her out in the swing. LIlly is fascinated with the outdoors. she loves the breezes and to watch the trees. Happy Happy girl outside. I'm so glad. She has a cute baby tan. Not dark just a cute pinkish color to her skin. Anyway then she had a bath and hit the bed at 830. We came home at 1030 and brought some taco's home since we hadn't ate dinner. The movie was great. It's a long movie but the best batman so far i thought. Allan had no clue i was a closet batman lover. lol.. I guess i watched them all when i was a kid and watched batman cartoons. I was leaning over to him saying that's alfred and ohhh it's the batcave.. random stuff but he got a kick out of me. He said i had no clue my wife was a secret batman fanatic. lol..
I was so sad that the guy who played the joker ( heath ledger i think) died. He was the best joker by far. He played the role to the T. YOu should see this movie if you like batman movies at all. I can see why it's bringing in such big dollars the opening week. We went in a little late and man we could barely find a seat. It was a packed house and this was day 2.. Good movie.
Tonight we are making crab legs and cooking steak on the grill for allan's b-day dinner. yummy. I don't like the crab part but steak sounds good with baked potatoes. His birthday cake is baking right now and i'm just doing white icing with the number candles that say 28. Aaron and Allan are out at the driving range right now. Mom and lilly are taking a little nap so I'm just baking and updating blogs. ;-)
Hope everyone else is having a great day. I love my family. They rock!!!!

Oh does anyone watch so i think you can dance??? I"m so ready for stinky comfort to go home. She did once but she is back. i was so sad that she didn't get voted right back off. poopy.. The boys are all so good i hate that any of them have to leave.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The birthday Boy!

So Allan's birthday is monday but he is going to have to go back out of town with his job so we are celebrating tonight. We are going out to the movies and then to the wonder bar. This has been a fun thing to do that we never really got to do before. My mom is watching lilly and she said go and stay as long as we want too. Yeah!! So tonight is going to be allan's birthday night. He may want to go to a baseball game instead and i said whatever he wanted to do was fine by me. He is out playing golf today which is his routine thing for birthday's. I'm going to bake him a cake today too. Nothing fancy ( hehe Mi!) But a regular old cake for my OLD MAN. lol He is turning 28 on monday. Wheeww how OLD!. lol I tease him because he is older than me from july till april.

Today mom,aaron,lilly, and I all went yardsaling. Aaron bought an ab lounger for only 25 bucks. I bought a sper comfy over stuffed chair that has an ottoman (sp) with it for only 15. mom bought some real pretty glassware and i found a pair of skates for emma. she outgrew the ones she got from her aunt liz so i found her a pair of real ones that may fit her next summer. I'm going to have to ask what size she is now.. these are size 1s? they were 50 cents so if they dont work oh well.. Anyway our concert in the park was fun with our bucket of chicken and i'm looking forward to our date night tonight. yeah!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Boy Have I Been Busy!

Well work starts on our basement on august 1st or so. However, today the sears people came to give me a price quote on refacing our cabinets. I heard that they were decently priced. lol.. I just stopped the lady when she gave me a ball park figure. she wanted to measure and all that. I almost laughed in her face though. do you know they gave me and estimate of 12-14 thousand. hahaha.. For refacing that means keeping the crappy cabinets just putting on new outsides to them. They must be joking. I would have thrown her out but she drove 5 hours to get here. I gave her a bottle of water and told her that we would be paiting them oursleves. Which we will be whenever we can find the time. My little brother is here and such a help so i'm thinking he could help me paint them. He isn't the best painter but neither am i really. He can at least help sand them down and maybe do some priming. We will see when the time comes. We put in a new glass door out front and it looks so pretty so we are painting our old door birght red. Today aaron and I have been sanding and priming our little heads off. I didn't know how hard it was to paint something red. The lady said i needed grey primer. Glad she knew what she was talking about. She said if i didn't have grey primer it would take a lot more coats. Makes sense i suppose. The paint we picked out looks hot pink in the can but she dried a blob and it looks like the color we picked. Tonight we are going to the concerts in the park. We are taking a bucket of chicken down there and a blanket and going to have osme good family time. Allan has been gone since monday. I'm ready to see my husband but I'm glad that mom and aaron have been here to keep us company. It's not so scary at night when people are in the house. It's been fun having them here so far. Mom is a tremendous help with lilly. She laughs and laughs at all her little faces. Lilly is starting to really get the sitting up thing. Slowly but she is getting there. She still tries to throw herself backwards when she gets mad though so you have to sit right there with her or take the risk of her hitting her head on the floor. If we had carpet it wouldn't be so bad but we have hardwood and that could hurt a bit. Aaron has been helpful too. He has been taking out the trash and just doing all the boy jobs around here while allan has been gone the last 4 days. It's nice to have extra people around so far. ;-)
Anyway I'll try to write more often I'm just on mini vacation before school starts on August 25th. There is so much to do in August though. Yikes...

Monday, July 14, 2008

It's been a while..

Yes I know I'm getting bad about posting now. lol. It's 530 and even though lilly isn't up I am. I went to bed around 10ish and she didn't stir last night till about 445 this morning. Once i checked on her I couldn't go back to sleep. I'm driving down with carissa to denver today. We are picking up my mom and my little brother. They are coming to stay with us for a while. We aren't really sure how long just yet but we opened our house to them. I'm excited to have more hands with lilly. Hands that love her. Plus i haven't ever really gotten to b around my mom or little brother toomuch as an adult. I went to the military when i was 18 and from then on it's been short and sweet visits.
So today brings a new adventure. Pray for our family that we will all be able to adapt to everything. It's hard to have anyone in your home for too long but we really want them to feel welcomed and part of the family. They all need big hugs right now so that's what we are going to give them. ;-)
I may not write for a while.. we will see. I'm just so busy lately. It may change though when mom gets here. I've just been busting my behind lately. I'm finishing up my summer class and trying to get things inline for starting nursing school next month, plus i have a few projects going on at the house and lilly to watch full time. lol. I"m pooped. We put in a wonderful new front door. Well it's just the clear glass doors and we kept our oldtimey front door. But it looks so much better. We are thinking about painting our front door red. We have a blue house with white shutters but i think painted front doors look good in bright colors. Suprisingly it was allan's idea and he usually is pretty dull in colors i have to say. lol..So i have to paint it sometime soon. I'm also starting in on the kitchen. I'm getting an estimate from sears to reface the cabinets in thekitchen but i think more than likely i will paint them myself. You can't beat the price of a bucket of paint. lol.
Anyway i have to go get dressed for my drive. more sometime soon i guess.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

small town parade

Yesterday, Lilly and I went to the parade. OUr friends muffy and Keri invited us and so muffy picked us up and we headed down with her. It was fun. Keris husband is a local cop so he was standing behind us directing traffic and what not but the floats would try to spray him with water everytime. lol It was fine by me. Lilly and i were sitting under an umbrella so we would just use it as a shiled everytime. Worked great. Lilly must have gotten worn out cause she stayed up pretty much the whole day till 4ish and then took an hour or so nap. But this morning she didn't wake up till close till 9am. Crazy. She wakes up like clock work at 7am every morning. We took pictures of the parade. most of them are of our friends kids and stuff so i'm not going to post a bunch of them maybe just one. I'm not going to bother posting them on the photosite either i'm just going to send the pics to muffy and keri.

my mom and little brother get here in 5 more days. So excited. I just want to spend some good quality time with family. I think my little brother is goign to be so excited about being an uncle. lol. It's his first time. I want Lilly to grow up so loved and so i'm glad my mom gets to come and shower her with kisses and love.

We have started trying to eat a little healthier over here. So i have to say that i'm having a bowl of cereal right now it's shredded wheat but i got blueberries and strawberries from walmart and put some in there.. yummy yum. It's so tasty. LIlly is chewing on a biter biscuit ready for me to feed her some baby food i think.
Anyway you all have a great day.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Food groups

Lilly is doing so good eating. She is always hungry. lol. I don't know how she can be in the 25% for weight cause this little girl puts away the food. Today I went to pizza hut and got the salad bar. It's fast and easy not to mention healthy while i'm out doing errands. Anyway I've been letting lilly taste things. She loves just about everything. She had a little pudding which she devoured. She gnawed on cucumbers which i like cause they don't break up in her mouth too easy. She loved the lemons. lol.. She gnawed on a carrot stick. Loved the applesauce. Had a couple pieces of cheese that was shredded real fine for salads. I'm telling you she loves everything. I have to be careful though because she is getting a taste for real food and it might be affecting her taste for baby food. haha.

We are getting things done around here. I mailed off a bunch of birthday cards and presents along with some anniversary cards. I like to mail all of them for the month at the same time. Some people get them very early but at least they get them. WE got another present that i ordered for allan. It was something i ordered online and it arrived today. Yeah! Allan is out of town again today. He may be home tonight or tomorrow. Dont know really. Lilly and I are going to go downtown to the parade with friends tomorrow. We have new friends and her husband is a cop and is directing traffic so we are going to go down there and harrass him lol.. She has two kids too so it will be fun.

WE got a ton of clothes from Muffy. She passed down a lot of jordan's clothes and she doesn't want any of them back. Yeah.. she keeps all the sentimental ones and passes the rest. I guess alot were passed to her from Keri. It's a nice circle to be in though. lol. Lilly got some cue new outfits and a ton of dangling toys and even some baby food that jordan wouldn't eat. lol.

We had to run out and exchange a pair of pants for allan. I bought him two new pairs of heavy duty jeans from workmans warehouse. The wranglers fit really good but the carharts wouldn't go over allan's bubble butt. lol. So we took them back and got another pair of wranglers. Allan wears a weird size cause his waist is skinny but his legs are long. So it's usually hard to find jeans that fit him. They usually aren't long enough. This place has his size always. Yeah.. The only bad thing is they are WORK pants. They sure don't have stylish ones. lol..

We got an estimate on our basement. We are adding a bedroom down there very soon. The estimate from the guy in the paper came back about 600 dollars higher than we thought it was going to be. So we have a friend named Milk who is a construction guy. He does alot of fencing these days but he does good work. He is the one remodeling jason and muffy's house when they start doing thier basement. Anyway he is coming over in a few minutes to look over their estimate with me and tell me how much they are ripping me off. lol.. If he can beat the deal and has the time to fit us in then we will go with him. We would rather hire someone we know anyway. (Mi, i can't help but think of your recent roofing job while i write this and wonder what i'm getting into myself.. teehhee) Allan is going to do the electrical work down there but we just want someone to frame it and put up the sheet rock. We plan on adding two bedrooms, a big bathroom and laundry room (joining), and a big family room down there. I think we will carpet the family room but the bedrooms and bath are going to be whatever kind of cheap flooring we can find. There is just over 900 sqft down there in the basement so i'm sure we have room to add all these things. Technically we can't call the rooms "bedrooms" because they are suppoe to have like a 4x4 window to be considered a bedroom. They have windows just smaller ones. lol.. I don't care. We are going to put beds in them and have people sleep there soooo they are bedrooms. lol.

Anyway my girl is waking up from her nice little nap. Guess i'm going to go play with her a bit. She is doing so good though. She has been sitting up against the couch with hardly touching it. ;-) she can sit up but she doesn't focus after a second and falls to the left or right. lol.. Plus she locks her legs alot like her cousin jake did. She gets so excied when she does something new though. haha She can hold her bottle for a few minutes at a time and she loves it . She takes it in and out of her mouth a zillion times while smiling. haha and she has been taking a few steps in her walker. Mostly she just jumps up and down on her feet and if it moves she laughs and squeals. lol She is just starting to be so much fun. She really is getting her little personality. The only thing i'm hating is that she has been screaming when i walk out of the room. She gets so mad when i leave her in one room and go into another. She will be in the walker in the living room and i go around the corner to the kitchen and she starts screaming. it's ridiculous!

Anyway gotta run

Favorite things

I wanted to share this bit of info with any moms out there. I'm sure most of you have seen these things but we just started using them with lilly. i have no idea what they are called but the general idea is you can out frozen fruit, fresh fruit, ice,etc in the mesh part and the baby can suck on it like a lollipop. lilly goes nuts everytime i give it to her. she loves it and i like that she can get some fresh fruit without having to worry if she will choke on it. here are the pics. I recommend this for anyone with babies learning to self feed.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

More pics on photosite

Great 4th of July!

We had a really fun day and night yesterday. We ran around during the day and then came back and we all took a nice little nap. We got up and headed up to the event center where they had bands playing and all kinds of vendors. We ate some fair food basically and hung out for a bit. Then we went home grabbed our chairs and a cooler of drinks and headed back to the center. We parked on the side of the road and were enjoying people watching and seeing the cars go by. Then we got a call from our friends who said they always go to the soccer fields and there was plenty of parking and no drunks or traffic out there .. so we picked up and headed over. It was fun we got there about 830ish and we kicked balls around with all the kido's and had all the babies out on the blankets. The boys did what boys do and had a few beverages. lol. It was alot of fun. I really like having some local friends that grew up around here. They know all the good spots and what is going on all the time. Very handy. It's also nice that they have baby that is 10 months old and tonight we are going over to their house to play cards and let the kids play together. I'm going thru all of jordan's old clothes because they are passing them down to lilly. Yeah! ;-) Jordan is alittle squirt. She is in the bottom percentile for weight also so lilly might catch her because she is also in the bottow for height and lilly is in the 50% for height so it looks like lilly is catching her. lol..We may end up passing things down to her after a while. lol.. anyway we had a very good day and night and hope everyone else did too. Happy 4th.. Enjoy the rest of your summer!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

lilly's good!

Lilly weighs 14lbs and 8oz. Which puts her in the 25% for weight. She is 26inches long so that put her in the 50% for height. Now here comes the humorous one. her head is 17inches. that puts it in the 75%. lol She has allan's huge noggin. lol she was happy at the doctors. The shots of course made her cry but only for a second then she too her bottle and fell asleep for the ride home. She woke up as soon as we got home and has been happy and normal every since then. The doctor said it was fine that lilly doesn't eat anything green or anything with meat. he says the are horrible and he doesn't blame her but that he though by the time she is between9-12 months she will start. He said she is where she needs to be on sitting up and and that he wouldn't expect her to be in the crawling position till 8 or 9 months, but that she lifts herself up like any normal 6 month old. It was encouraging to hear that she is progressing normally. i worry that i don't spend enough time trying to get her to sit up or crawl. She will do it all in her own time has been my philosophy. I guess the doctor agrees. She had the whole staff laughing in there with her panting like a dog. i had to tell them she was mimicking our dog then they thought it was hilarious. She also wanted to look out the window because there was a construction crew out there making a racket. She flirted with those boys. lol yelling at one of the teenage black boys out there. he saw her and kept waving thru the window at her. it was cute.
I've been slowly buying a certain someone some b-day presents.. its hard cause i have no idea this time what he wants. i've slowly picked up a few things though. I won't mention what they are on here in case he reads it. MI, I picked up some books for kaite's b-day present. She may already have the ones i got her but if that is the case you can pass them on to any other children you know down there. ;-) I figured it would be fairly cheap to send in the mail. They are paperbacks.
I scheduled an apt for sears to come and give us an estimate on refacing the cabinets. I thik i'm goign to paint them white myself and put in new hardware but i thought it might be nice just to get an estimate on refacing them. I haven't ever priced that kind of thing but one of my friends mothere suggested sears and said they do a really good fairly cheap job so I'll find out how much it will be before i get to painting. They aren't oging to come though till the 17th. boo.. I'd kinda like to get started painting before that. I could get alot of painting done with my brother and mom here to help. Aaron could help paint and mom could watch lilly away from where we are painting but i guess i'll just wait and see what sears says. I fi don't like the price then they don't leave till the 22 so i would have a few days to paint them. Who knows. We are getting estimates for our basement today. Both contractors are coming today. I'm hoping they both don't want to show up at the same time. That would kinda suck. lol. I have so many questions for them though. They are going to think i'm crazy but i want to get to the bottom of the basement stuff. lol. I'm also going to ask one about the wall that we need to add in the garage . how much would that cost? We dont' know what portion of it we will do ourselves and what portion we will have done but i think it will be a mixture because allan just works too much now to be getting into huge projects. I'm ready to get back to work on this house though. We need to have some room to expand.!! ;-)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

another quick tidbit

FSBO SignI forgot but i got excited today because we finally got a good CMA done on our house. We wanted to know what our house was worth now that we have done work to it. WE figured that it couldn't of went up much just because we have only lived here for a year now. We thought it might have went up 5-7 grand.. maybe.. They came back and said at the high end it is now worth 22k more than we paid for it and at the low end it is worth 15 more. YEahhhh..!! I don't think we are selling just yet. Gotta finish the basement and hopefully school too but It was encouraging to know that it is worth quie a bit more than we paid for it. Hopefully the market will keep going up around here. Who knows though. The rest of the country isn't looking too good. I do however know that last year there was only 200 or so houses on the market at this time of year and this year there is like 600 so.. might be hard to sell but we are waiting anyway so who knows where it will be when we actually do sell. Just thought about it so I wanted to share. ;-)

Tuesday- terrible 6 month old.. lol

Yep it's official lilly has turned into a spoiled brat. lol Not really but i think she has figured out that if she cries really loud i'll just about do anything to get her to stop. All day today if she has wanted something she would scream bloody murder. SSSSOOOOO Annoying. Allan has been gone. He had to stay out of town the last two days. His boss went on vacation though so he should pretty much be home most of the week and i'm crossing my fingers and hoping for this weekend. I think he will be but you never know. Lilly is discovering foods. she has been eating biter biscuits for a while but now she has moved up to those apple tasting pinwheel things. She doesn't do well with picking up the tiny puffs yet but the pinwheels are easy for her to hold and she loves to chew them or lick them till they are gone. lol. I have been giving her little tidbits of all kinds of stuff when i'm eating. today she got a taste of a popsicle. She loved it then turned into the monster child screaming at me cause i wouldn't give her anymore. I don't know where she gets this temper from.. lol.
Tomorrow is her 6 month check up. We tried to weigh her at home to se how much she weighed. we think she is right around 14 1/2 lbs. We looked it up on a site and it said she was in the 25% if that is the case. Hard to believe that one so i'm going to go with what the doctor says tomorrow. She looks like a chunky monkey to me. hehe. her little cheeks are so fat and her little legs have rolls but i guess i could be wrong. I thought she would be in like the 80% last time and she was 50% for everything.. We'll see tomorrow.
We are getting some estimates on the basement. We want to find out how much it would be for someone to put some walls up down there. We can do all the work ourselves but with allan's new job he just doesn't have anytime to work on it. I'm an okay painter i guess but i don't have the foggest about building walls. lol. So we know a guy that does all kinds of jobs like that so he is going to come by and let us know what he would charge for a least a bedroom down there and maybe the whole thing. We also called a guy out of the paper just to see the difference in the two. We need to get some more rooms going on around here.
My brother aaron is now coming instead of byron. We just aren't sure about him flying and well there are other issues going on too so my brother is coming up with mom now. My friend carissa is going to drive with me down to denver both days. I thought that was really nice of her she switched her days at work so she could go with me. I was worried about Lilly. They are coming and leaving on weekdays so i have to take lilly or leave her with a sitter. I don't really want to leave her with anyone for 8 hours at least. So i'm going to take her but i was worried cause for half the drive it was going to be just me and her in the car and if she starts freaking out i wouldn't be muchhelp if i'm driving. So that was a problem solved when carissa said she would go. I thought she might just do one trip with me but she got off both days to go both times. Really sweet. I sure haven't known these friends for that long but her and lynn have been answers to prayer. I really think god puts people in our lives for seasons. I'm glad it's their season. I sure don't know what i would do without those girly's. I haven't made too many friends in wyoming but the ones i have made a pretty great!I'm looking forward to nursing school just because i'm excited to meet some new friends again. I think i met the one guy that is in the program. lol.. He was at the scrub store the other day when i was. I was getting an idea how much some good scrubs would be and he came in doing the same thing. I have to say he didn't seem like the sharpest tool in the shed. I'm not trying to be mean but it encouraged me somewhat. lol
anyway my little one is in bed and I'm headed in that direction. One tired mama here. I'll post about Lilly's appointment tomorrow.

what's wrong with my dog??