Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My little miss Sunshine

Here is a picture of lilly with her sunglasses. I made her try them on in the store then she didn't want to let me have them back... so i bought them for her even though they were a tad bit too big. She will grow into them I'm sure. lol. OUr friend Milk is over here working on our basement. He has both walls framed already! yeah!!! So allan is home tonight and is going to try to get the electrical part done while it's just the framework. He is suppose to go to some rig tomorrow. I don't think it's the one in Utah just one here in Wy. So he is going to try to get as much done today as he can but he has to go buy some parts that he needs. We are out of electrical boxes and outlet covers and all that jazz. Mom and Aaron are out running around doing some errands and i've been doing homework all day but i'm about to quit and make some spaghetti for everyone for dinner. We haven't had any pasta for awhile so it sounds good with some texas toast garlic bread. YUMM. I think i"m getting hungry already!
Hope everyone is having a good week so far we are!

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