Monday, July 28, 2008

the happenings around here

Yesterday was a busy one. I've been rolling out a sealant in the basement and it is the thickest stuff i have ever seen. YUCKKK. My arms are sooooo sore. lol.
I took lilly over to see her cousins yesterday. She was very interested in Jake. I don't know why babies always go for the other one's eyes but i was telling liz i hope jake doesn't go straight for her eyes and i looked down and there was lilly going for one of his eyeballs. lol.. Jake was adorable waving. He waves and waves. Maddie was cute too. She is talking up a storm now. i brought her a milkshake and she was running around talking about "my chocolate milk!" haha. anyway i posted pictures on the photosite of the kido's if you all want to check them out. Liz and nolan both looked alot better this time. They were sick the last time isaw them but they look like they recovered well. Lilly loved jake's toys. This girl is into toys now. She use to just put everything in her mouth but now she takes the time to really check items out. she shakes them and hammers things and rolls things. She just loves toys now. WE've had to by her some bigger baby toys. Stuff that sings and lights up and does all sorts of stuff. She is loving it.
Here is a picture of the kids playing..

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