Wednesday, July 9, 2008

small town parade

Yesterday, Lilly and I went to the parade. OUr friends muffy and Keri invited us and so muffy picked us up and we headed down with her. It was fun. Keris husband is a local cop so he was standing behind us directing traffic and what not but the floats would try to spray him with water everytime. lol It was fine by me. Lilly and i were sitting under an umbrella so we would just use it as a shiled everytime. Worked great. Lilly must have gotten worn out cause she stayed up pretty much the whole day till 4ish and then took an hour or so nap. But this morning she didn't wake up till close till 9am. Crazy. She wakes up like clock work at 7am every morning. We took pictures of the parade. most of them are of our friends kids and stuff so i'm not going to post a bunch of them maybe just one. I'm not going to bother posting them on the photosite either i'm just going to send the pics to muffy and keri.

my mom and little brother get here in 5 more days. So excited. I just want to spend some good quality time with family. I think my little brother is goign to be so excited about being an uncle. lol. It's his first time. I want Lilly to grow up so loved and so i'm glad my mom gets to come and shower her with kisses and love.

We have started trying to eat a little healthier over here. So i have to say that i'm having a bowl of cereal right now it's shredded wheat but i got blueberries and strawberries from walmart and put some in there.. yummy yum. It's so tasty. LIlly is chewing on a biter biscuit ready for me to feed her some baby food i think.
Anyway you all have a great day.

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Jennifer said...

awww I wanna go to a parade!! I remember the small town parades I use to go to each year. Those were the best! I really need to find some kind of calendar or events site that lets me know what is going on here so I can take Emma to those kinds of things. That is cool your mom is coming to visit! It will give you a bit of a break cause you know grandma is gonna take over with Lilly LOL My mom is like that with all her grandkids!