Thursday, July 17, 2008

Boy Have I Been Busy!

Well work starts on our basement on august 1st or so. However, today the sears people came to give me a price quote on refacing our cabinets. I heard that they were decently priced. lol.. I just stopped the lady when she gave me a ball park figure. she wanted to measure and all that. I almost laughed in her face though. do you know they gave me and estimate of 12-14 thousand. hahaha.. For refacing that means keeping the crappy cabinets just putting on new outsides to them. They must be joking. I would have thrown her out but she drove 5 hours to get here. I gave her a bottle of water and told her that we would be paiting them oursleves. Which we will be whenever we can find the time. My little brother is here and such a help so i'm thinking he could help me paint them. He isn't the best painter but neither am i really. He can at least help sand them down and maybe do some priming. We will see when the time comes. We put in a new glass door out front and it looks so pretty so we are painting our old door birght red. Today aaron and I have been sanding and priming our little heads off. I didn't know how hard it was to paint something red. The lady said i needed grey primer. Glad she knew what she was talking about. She said if i didn't have grey primer it would take a lot more coats. Makes sense i suppose. The paint we picked out looks hot pink in the can but she dried a blob and it looks like the color we picked. Tonight we are going to the concerts in the park. We are taking a bucket of chicken down there and a blanket and going to have osme good family time. Allan has been gone since monday. I'm ready to see my husband but I'm glad that mom and aaron have been here to keep us company. It's not so scary at night when people are in the house. It's been fun having them here so far. Mom is a tremendous help with lilly. She laughs and laughs at all her little faces. Lilly is starting to really get the sitting up thing. Slowly but she is getting there. She still tries to throw herself backwards when she gets mad though so you have to sit right there with her or take the risk of her hitting her head on the floor. If we had carpet it wouldn't be so bad but we have hardwood and that could hurt a bit. Aaron has been helpful too. He has been taking out the trash and just doing all the boy jobs around here while allan has been gone the last 4 days. It's nice to have extra people around so far. ;-)
Anyway I'll try to write more often I'm just on mini vacation before school starts on August 25th. There is so much to do in August though. Yikes...

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