Sunday, July 20, 2008

Super Movie

Okay so we went out on our date last night. It was so much fun. I didn't have to worry about lilly at all. That was super nice. Mom said she took her out in the swing. LIlly is fascinated with the outdoors. she loves the breezes and to watch the trees. Happy Happy girl outside. I'm so glad. She has a cute baby tan. Not dark just a cute pinkish color to her skin. Anyway then she had a bath and hit the bed at 830. We came home at 1030 and brought some taco's home since we hadn't ate dinner. The movie was great. It's a long movie but the best batman so far i thought. Allan had no clue i was a closet batman lover. lol.. I guess i watched them all when i was a kid and watched batman cartoons. I was leaning over to him saying that's alfred and ohhh it's the batcave.. random stuff but he got a kick out of me. He said i had no clue my wife was a secret batman fanatic. lol..
I was so sad that the guy who played the joker ( heath ledger i think) died. He was the best joker by far. He played the role to the T. YOu should see this movie if you like batman movies at all. I can see why it's bringing in such big dollars the opening week. We went in a little late and man we could barely find a seat. It was a packed house and this was day 2.. Good movie.
Tonight we are making crab legs and cooking steak on the grill for allan's b-day dinner. yummy. I don't like the crab part but steak sounds good with baked potatoes. His birthday cake is baking right now and i'm just doing white icing with the number candles that say 28. Aaron and Allan are out at the driving range right now. Mom and lilly are taking a little nap so I'm just baking and updating blogs. ;-)
Hope everyone else is having a great day. I love my family. They rock!!!!

Oh does anyone watch so i think you can dance??? I"m so ready for stinky comfort to go home. She did once but she is back. i was so sad that she didn't get voted right back off. poopy.. The boys are all so good i hate that any of them have to leave.

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