Friday, July 25, 2008

Hey There

Yep i haven't wrote in a while. I've been busy. Tonight i went to Bingo with Muffy and one of her friends. It was fun but we didn't win. I went over to my neighbors house today and looked at her basement. They completely remodeled downstairs and it looked awesome. They have the exact same floorplan so it was interesting to see. They put in beautiful tile. It was really pretty, so anyway i got a few good ideas from over there. They told me some good tips. It was fun to look around.

What else? I guess not much or i just can't think right now. I'm super tired. Lilly has been so active these last few days. She is fighting naps and bedtime as hard as she can. She doesn't scream but she kicks her arms and legs around as fast as she can and gets really excited .. It's funny but hard not to laugh and if you do laugh she gets more excited and it's a viscous circle that never ends until she finally just gives in to the sleepiness that has been there the whole time. lol..

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Way to tired for much bloggin!

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