Monday, July 14, 2008

It's been a while..

Yes I know I'm getting bad about posting now. lol. It's 530 and even though lilly isn't up I am. I went to bed around 10ish and she didn't stir last night till about 445 this morning. Once i checked on her I couldn't go back to sleep. I'm driving down with carissa to denver today. We are picking up my mom and my little brother. They are coming to stay with us for a while. We aren't really sure how long just yet but we opened our house to them. I'm excited to have more hands with lilly. Hands that love her. Plus i haven't ever really gotten to b around my mom or little brother toomuch as an adult. I went to the military when i was 18 and from then on it's been short and sweet visits.
So today brings a new adventure. Pray for our family that we will all be able to adapt to everything. It's hard to have anyone in your home for too long but we really want them to feel welcomed and part of the family. They all need big hugs right now so that's what we are going to give them. ;-)
I may not write for a while.. we will see. I'm just so busy lately. It may change though when mom gets here. I've just been busting my behind lately. I'm finishing up my summer class and trying to get things inline for starting nursing school next month, plus i have a few projects going on at the house and lilly to watch full time. lol. I"m pooped. We put in a wonderful new front door. Well it's just the clear glass doors and we kept our oldtimey front door. But it looks so much better. We are thinking about painting our front door red. We have a blue house with white shutters but i think painted front doors look good in bright colors. Suprisingly it was allan's idea and he usually is pretty dull in colors i have to say. lol..So i have to paint it sometime soon. I'm also starting in on the kitchen. I'm getting an estimate from sears to reface the cabinets in thekitchen but i think more than likely i will paint them myself. You can't beat the price of a bucket of paint. lol.
Anyway i have to go get dressed for my drive. more sometime soon i guess.

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