Monday, July 21, 2008

Good bday dinner

So we made our crab legs and steak. Everything turned out so good. Allan and Aaron were sucking down crab legs before we even got outside to the table. lol. We had a good night. We all sat around outside and allan had some beers. Everyone was very relaxed. It was a nice time to sit around and tell stories. Today aaron and I met allan for lunch over in mills. He is working and we aren't sure when he is going out of town my guess might be tomorrow or wed cause they are waiting on parts.
Lilly is fast asleep and so is mom taking a midday nap. I'm procrastinating on my homework. I have a final english paper that i really need to work on but i'm putting it off in a bad way. I"m just so over this class already. I want to go swimming. Mom and aaron are going to go to the ice skating rink and maybe the pool when lilly wakes up. Lilly loves that pool! I'm thinking i will work on the paper then. ;-) when it's nice and quite here in the house. Tomorrow is the farmers market. I'm going to try and go. Allan wants some more of this steak rub he bought last year. It's running out and he wants a few more tins of it. Anyway, I'm going outside for awhile to enjoy the sun! See Ya!

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Jennifer said...

Hey! sorry I did not get back to you all last night. I gave your cell to my sister so Emma could call. I got caught in psycho traffic after work. Hope Allan had a good birthday. Sounds like he did :) I have a card Emma colored in for him and the pictures I still have not mailed LOL Yeah I am slacking! I will get them out soon.