Wednesday, July 2, 2008

lilly's good!

Lilly weighs 14lbs and 8oz. Which puts her in the 25% for weight. She is 26inches long so that put her in the 50% for height. Now here comes the humorous one. her head is 17inches. that puts it in the 75%. lol She has allan's huge noggin. lol she was happy at the doctors. The shots of course made her cry but only for a second then she too her bottle and fell asleep for the ride home. She woke up as soon as we got home and has been happy and normal every since then. The doctor said it was fine that lilly doesn't eat anything green or anything with meat. he says the are horrible and he doesn't blame her but that he though by the time she is between9-12 months she will start. He said she is where she needs to be on sitting up and and that he wouldn't expect her to be in the crawling position till 8 or 9 months, but that she lifts herself up like any normal 6 month old. It was encouraging to hear that she is progressing normally. i worry that i don't spend enough time trying to get her to sit up or crawl. She will do it all in her own time has been my philosophy. I guess the doctor agrees. She had the whole staff laughing in there with her panting like a dog. i had to tell them she was mimicking our dog then they thought it was hilarious. She also wanted to look out the window because there was a construction crew out there making a racket. She flirted with those boys. lol yelling at one of the teenage black boys out there. he saw her and kept waving thru the window at her. it was cute.
I've been slowly buying a certain someone some b-day presents.. its hard cause i have no idea this time what he wants. i've slowly picked up a few things though. I won't mention what they are on here in case he reads it. MI, I picked up some books for kaite's b-day present. She may already have the ones i got her but if that is the case you can pass them on to any other children you know down there. ;-) I figured it would be fairly cheap to send in the mail. They are paperbacks.
I scheduled an apt for sears to come and give us an estimate on refacing the cabinets. I thik i'm goign to paint them white myself and put in new hardware but i thought it might be nice just to get an estimate on refacing them. I haven't ever priced that kind of thing but one of my friends mothere suggested sears and said they do a really good fairly cheap job so I'll find out how much it will be before i get to painting. They aren't oging to come though till the 17th. boo.. I'd kinda like to get started painting before that. I could get alot of painting done with my brother and mom here to help. Aaron could help paint and mom could watch lilly away from where we are painting but i guess i'll just wait and see what sears says. I fi don't like the price then they don't leave till the 22 so i would have a few days to paint them. Who knows. We are getting estimates for our basement today. Both contractors are coming today. I'm hoping they both don't want to show up at the same time. That would kinda suck. lol. I have so many questions for them though. They are going to think i'm crazy but i want to get to the bottom of the basement stuff. lol. I'm also going to ask one about the wall that we need to add in the garage . how much would that cost? We dont' know what portion of it we will do ourselves and what portion we will have done but i think it will be a mixture because allan just works too much now to be getting into huge projects. I'm ready to get back to work on this house though. We need to have some room to expand.!! ;-)

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The Mason Bunch said...

Books are Katie's favorite out of all of her toys. I know she'll love them. Thank you! Really, you guys didn't have to do that. Shipping prices are out of this world.