Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter is right around the corner..

Does everyone have easter plans? does anyone have different easter traditions? i love hearing about neat family traditions. We are going to church. The girls have new church dresses. I always loved getting a new fancy easter dress. I also loved that i got to wear gloves and a hat usually. HAHA. So we will be taking the girls to church ( with no hats or gloves this year) Then we are going to come home and have a big easter lunch with family. Cooking a ham. The night before easter i'm taking the kids over to john and serrah's to color eggs with their friends. I think we will have a good time. I'm excited for another great holiday to celebrate with family. ;-) I finished my work week, so i'm picking up emma tomorrow night in gila bend and i guess it will be an early night cause allan still has to work the next day. I'm happy to be off work for a few days. hope all of you are going to have a great weekend too!

Monday, April 18, 2011

I have not been feeling like blogging. I'm sorry. I have just been really busy with work and then we had our anniversary and then my birthday and i had finals in my class.. so yeah busy. We went out to a fancy steakhouse for our anniversary. Then a comedy show at the improv and capped the night off staying at a casino and resort for free.( yes they gave me a free room cause i called and complained that i was not getting coupons anymore) It was fun and so nice to be out with my hubby alone for a while. For my birthday this last week allan had to work that night but he got me a wonderful present. A bike it's a beach cruiser with the big handle bars and no hand breaks or speeds.. just pedal and go. I love it it's soo cute. My mom passed down some family things to me. I love her present too. Aaron bought me a lilly that i really need to plant but i'm a little afraid that rocky will get it. boooo. Yesterday we celebrated my birthday and had some friends come and britt and the family. Britt works at edible arrangments. She brought me a huge fruit arrangment and a whole box of chocolate covered strawberrys. it's a good thing she works there or that would have been a pretty penny but they were wonderful. We grilled out and everyone swam in the pool. The water temp is up to 74. It was 66 when sandy and wade were here and we all froze our butts off. lol. So it felt a little better yesterday. Still chilly but it's been in the 80's and 90's so it feels good to get out and dry off. We had a fire and made smores last night. I was in a tank top and shorts and it felt awesome out last night. I trained my friend at work on sat. We have hired some dud nurses lately. All of them are LPN's. i'm not saying anything bad about lpn's but these last few that we have hired make me wonder. So i trained my friend and i'm not sure if she will love it and stay or not. She got stuck training the first day with a nurse that is acting as the manager right now so she had to deal with all the stress of following a manager around. Then when i was there on saturday i was the charge nurse and well i had a few fires to put out around there too so i think it might of stressed her out trying to learn in the middle of all of it. Anyway she came back on sunday and i told her that it wouldn't be as bad because she would be training with a regular nurse and not someone who was in charge of the whole building. She said it went much better so hopefully she will stay. She is a good nurse and we are in need of some good nurses there. ;-) Lilly was sick night before last and threw up all night pretty much. She has been catching up on her rest and taking a couple hour long naps. Allan is gonna swim with her when she wakes up again. She is feeling better now. Last night she wanted to sleep in our bed as always.. so i said no i will sleep in your bed and allan went along with it too. So allan and I crawled into her bottom bunk. She said okay and so all three of us were in there. Then she wanted a book. So we read 3 books and she went fast asleep in a few minutes so we are going to keep that routine up. She got a new toothbrush to help her want to brush her teeth. She likes to pretend she is a snapping turtle and clamp down on the toothbrush. lol.. Other than that we are looking for a new mattress. We hate our bed so we are shopping around. This mattress we have is a pile but it has taken a beating from lilly and her juice spills and everything else so.. we are shopping around for something. Allan is looking into mountain bikes so he will have a bike to ride with us around the neighborhood and he is going to start riding with our friend john if he gets a bike. What else?? nothing i can think of right now. i'm going to go start dinner. see ya! sarah

Thursday, April 7, 2011

okay i know i promised pics

AT the esturary.. i'm sure i spelled that wrong. lol. it's a neat place to hike and fish. the girls looking at a map with papa wade we grilled out at the park and played some baseball with grammy pitching. allan pretending he is three again. lol look at lillys face.. can you see her tongue sticking out. haha the girls got their fingers and toes painted by grammy sandy lilly really liked this. they also got to pet the fishes.. it was stingrays but they had such a good time. i think lilly is oging to want to do this everytime we go to the zoo now. sandy introduced them to the finer things in life that i have been keeping a secret. haha.. we also caught the ice cream man for the first time ever. We look for him but somehow i always get them back inside before he comes to our street.. well not this time. and we had wade's old friend over. They hadn't seen each other in 30 years. crazy but such a fun night.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

back at it.

we had a wonderful time with allans family. the girls had a blast with their grandparents. i will post some pictures as soon as i have time to upload them. i am back to work already. i have monday off but need to use that time to catch up on homework. allan is finishing up his class this week and then he will be starting his last one soon after that. well time to go into work but we sure did have a good time. ill talk more about it when i post pictures.