Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter is right around the corner..

Does everyone have easter plans? does anyone have different easter traditions? i love hearing about neat family traditions. We are going to church. The girls have new church dresses. I always loved getting a new fancy easter dress. I also loved that i got to wear gloves and a hat usually. HAHA. So we will be taking the girls to church ( with no hats or gloves this year) Then we are going to come home and have a big easter lunch with family. Cooking a ham. The night before easter i'm taking the kids over to john and serrah's to color eggs with their friends. I think we will have a good time. I'm excited for another great holiday to celebrate with family. ;-) I finished my work week, so i'm picking up emma tomorrow night in gila bend and i guess it will be an early night cause allan still has to work the next day. I'm happy to be off work for a few days. hope all of you are going to have a great weekend too!


Jenn said...

I am making a ham too :)
Usually each year Em and I color eggs the day before Easter, then after she goes to bed I make the house look as if the Easter Bunny had been there. I still do even though she knows the Easter Bunny is not real :) I scatter plastic eggs through out the house and leave her basket out. She finds them when she wakes up in the morning. Lord knows she is going to be up before me LOL

Kerri said...

We're coloring Easter egg today!
Enjoy your time off!
Happy Easter!

PS. the rainbow cake is just a vanilla cake mix and then I divided it and add food coloring...super easy!

Nicolle said...

I love the Easter eggs and header you have on your page. So cute! We don't have a lot of Easter traditions around here. We are going to my mom's so Boyd can have an Easter egg hunt with his little cousin. We will have ham for lunch as well! :) Maybe next year we will dye eggs. I just think at this age it would have been a disaster. haha.

Happy Easter!