Monday, August 30, 2010

Co op..

I've heard about a wonderful co op and i was just amazed at how much stuff this lady got from this place for only 15 bucks. So i'm posting the website here..

Everyone that doesn't have their own garden and hates the stuff that is barely edible on the store shelves and if it is fresh and edible then it costs way too much.. if this is you and you live in one of the following states.. AZ, CO, ID, NV, OR, TX, UT, WA or Wyoming.. yes WYoming.. then you all need to investigate it and see if it would be good for you too. they have numerous drop locations. phoenix has a ton but i was suprised to see quite a few different cities on the wyoming list too.
I"m posting exactly what they say you get and how much here..

Current Offerings
Conventional Produce Basket $15 Contribution50% fruit, 50% vegetables, 100% healthy, delicious & fun
In the conventional basket we focus our buying as follows: High Quality, Low Cost and As Local as Possible… So, how hard do we try? Pretty hard! Most bananas are from Central America or the Carribean and are grown by a couple gargantuan conglomerate growers. We get all of our bananas from small farmers in central Mexico. This saves the co-op between $4 and $7 a box, keeps money with small farmers, and helps keep the carbon footprint small.
Together We are Changing the World One Dinner Table at a Time
strong>Organic Produce Basket $25 Contribution
50% fruit, 50% vegetables, 100% Certified Organic, healthy, delicious & fun
In the organic basket we focus our buying as follows: 100% Certified Organic Produce, high quality, low cost (which translates to “in season”!), and as local as possible! Much of the produce in the winter is Arizona local and regional to the rest of the co-op! We enjoy working with several local farmers. We always like it when our produce was in the ground just a couple days before distribution. Your produce doesn’t sit on store shelves for days before you get it!
Together We are Changing the World One Dinner Table at a Time
Tortilla Pack $10 Contribution
7 packs of tortillas – a dozen tortillas in each (Freezes well!)
3 packs 13″ Flour Tortillas
2 packs 6″ Flour Tortillas
2 packs 6″ Corn Tortillas
Flour Tortilla Ingredients – flour, soybean oil, water, salt, calcium propionate, baking powder, dough conditioner, tortilla stick no masCorn Tortilla Ingredients – corn masa flour, sorbic acid, cal pro, CMC, fumaric acid, guargum, enzymes, trace of lime
9-Grain Bread – 5 loaves $10 Contribution
Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Organic Whole Grain Wheat Flour, Water, Honey, Rye Flakes, Barley, Oats, Vital wheat gluten, cracked wheat, corn, rye, millet, flaxseed, sea salt, yeast. Contains: Wheat
Bountiful Baskets Granola – 2# $10 Contributions A little sweet, a little salty and some nutty goodness!Oats, Honey, canola oil, roasted & salted cashews, dates, diced pineapple, sunflower seeds,
Beans and Grains – $22 Contribution – Approx 25 Lbs 5# Lentils, 5# Soft White Wheat, 5# Pearl Barley, 5# Garbanzo, 5# Green Split Pea
Colorado Olathe Corn – Approx. 48 Ct. – $10.50 Contribution
California Round Tomatoes – Approx. 25 Lb’s – $11.50 Contribution
Green Chiles in a Burlap Sack – Approx. 25 Lb’s – $12.50 Contribution

So I haven't done it myself yet but i plan too. My friend says she get slike two good laundry baskets full of stuff for her 15 bucks. I know she had like 5-6 tomatoes( big), melons, a ton of mangos, lettuce, broccoli, plums, etc etc.. i guess they jsut give you a bit of everything. So the drops are at like 745 am though but if your an early riser and want to help they get there at 615 to set up the baskets and organize. If you help they give you alot of the extra stuff for free. I just wanted to share my find on here. I"m not sure if it will help anyone else but you only have to pay for it when you want to use it .. you place your order and I know in wyoming the growing season is so short then you are stuck with the crappy fruit that has been in a box way too long.. this is a way to get better!! I hope everyone that can will try it once! I plan to soon and i'll post more about my experience after i do.

new car..

Sunday, August 29, 2010

WE got a new Car!!

WE spent all day and i do mean all day at the dealers yesterday. I had mad e a list of cars that we would like to look at on the lots. We didn't even get out of the car at the first lot we went to . Allan really hates dealers. We then went to san tan honda and its was so weird... We walked in and on the way in we both saw a car that we realy liked and thought was pretty well priced because they had it on sale up front. This car was no where on my list. Either they had just got it and it hadn't made it to the internet or it just wasnt online to look at. Anyway so we met the first dealer that came walking up to us.. and this is where i think it gets a little strange and maybe it was just god looking out for us. lol.. This guy is our neighbor. I mean we told him we just bought a house out in pecan creek south and he said really? where at? we told him and he said he lives exactly across the street from us. So i told him he better not rip us off or we would forever remember it as neighbors... lol. Anyway I will put up some pics in a little bit of what we bought.. Its a VW Jetta. We hadn't looked at any VW's i just haven't known anyone that owns one. But we drove it and it handles awesome. It is also a very fast little car. If i have to work on the other side of town it won't be a problem getting there now. I just really love it and want to thank my husband for providing so well for all of us! He is out in my new car right now or i'd take a picture. lol.. I have a feeling i'm not going to be able to keep him out of it. He says he is too tall or those little cars but he is out driving it today while his truck sits in the shade.. lol.

Friday, August 27, 2010


So lilly may be trying to potty train herself. Lol.. I just decided that i wasn't dedicated enough to follow thru with her and to give her more time.. well i have been letting her run around naked in the house.. ( this is something that allan hates by the way) She has ran around a few days before but either she pooped in the floor or came and told me half way thru peeing.. she would never make it to the pot really in time and it was ALWAYS me running her there midstream. Anyway i was letting her run around again yesterday and allan came home from work. i was in the office but i heard him asking her what she was doing. ( i thought oh no what is she doing?) i assumed i would be cleaning up pee or worse in a few minutes.. To my suprise she hadn't came and got anyone she just climbed up to the toilet and was peeing all by herself when he happened to walk by the bathroom and heard her. So we were both amazed and gave her a piece of candy and tons of hugs and kisses so she knew she did something grand and we did a little dance. Today i picked her up from daycare and they told me that she went pee there with no problems. So i brought her home and let her run aruond naked again. Shewas in here playing and stopped and said she needed to poop and took off running to the bathroom... I thought " yeah right" she has fooled me a time or two and just goes in there to sit and play. Nope she went right in there crawled up there and well she didn't poop but she did pass some gas ( which she still puts her thumb on her forehead and giggles and says farted) and then she peed in the potty again. So more candy and dances and kisses. Day two in a row that she has made it .. We have not even attempted night time and i don't think we will till we have a good handle on this peeing thing. But we are day two into actually having her feel the need to pee and get on the pot in time! woohoo. I"m not sure what clicked and if it will stay clicked and she hasn't had to pull her pants down by herself yet so we aren't there yet but moving in the right direction still.
Allan gets off tonight for the weekend. Yeah!! I think we may go look at cars this weekend. We keep trading cars it seems like. But we have this huge suburban now and it's old and clunky and it was great for in wyoming when you had snow and stuff but here it is not so great. IT takes forever to cool down and its a pain on gas and i drive across towns and on the freeway alot. So we are thinking about trading it in and getting something else now that we don't owe anything on it really. I hate car payments but it makes no sense to have such a huge vehicle for just me and lilly going around town. I'm not sure what kind of vehicle we will look at getting though. We always like the honda's.. those things just go forever and are great on gas and have no real problems. I did see a ford focus that was a2009 for only 10k which i thought was pretty cheap for a brand new car almost. Who knows. I don't even really care. Just something easy to get in and out of that i can zip around in and not pay a fortune in gas cause it's expensive these days. That suburban has like a 40 gallon tank. I'm serious it's like 37 gallons or something crazy and it feelsl ike you spend all day doing a fill up and half your paycheck.. lol. Anyway wish us luck on that endeavor. It's no fun talking to sales people.
Oh i'm starting a crazy diet next month. I'm putting it out here to make myself do it.. lol. I've talked about it with friends on facebook too. It's the HCG diet. It's crazy cause you get like 500 calories the whole day. Which is like nothing i know... But you do it for 26 days. I have a few friends that have tried it. PJ the realestate agent from casper did it twice and lost 37 lbs and she wasn't very big to start. we talked to them the other day to see if they had gained it back or if they had anything to complain about and i guess they have kept it off and said they eat alot of fruits andveggies these days because it's what your body really wants to have after that diet. So i figure it is my jumpstart if ican get thru it. Do that see how much i lose then go back to eating healthier and exercising to maintain and maybe lose some more. Everyone i know that has tried it swears it's great. Some said they were just starving. I talked to a doctor here about it and she says its different for everyone but some can handle it fine some she had to put on appetite suppressants but she said everyone that had doen it in her clinic had lost weight except for two people and they were both gastric bypass people and she thinks it's just different for them.
Anyway i may start it on the 1st. Anna my friend is suppose to be doing it with me. I'll probably be posting about it to come and how i don't have any energy. lol..
anyway i need to get dinner in know for allan see ya!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

first try at a slideshow movie..

This was my first try at this. I hope you all enjoy it. Its just random pictures over the last few weeks. But i figure since i can get it to work now i can make them pretty easy. WE bought a back up harddrive and it came with this capability. woohoo.. love it!

some randomness..

Life Quote Pictures, Images and Photos

Friend Quote Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunsets Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, August 22, 2010

To Lala and Wade..

happy birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

We want to wish you all a very happy birthday tomorrow. My mom and Allan's dad have the exact birthday down to the year even. So we are sending out birthday wishes a day early in case monday is well.. a monday. Hope you both have a very very special day and many more! ;-)

Emma came to visit too.. more pics.

We went to the splashpad in tempe town lake. I love this place cause it's free and they have so much fun and they can't drown. Its really cool.
Lilly being a big girl going down the slide by herself! I swear our kids are fearless.
Cute little frog sprayer. But i think Lilly got plowed over by this little boy.
Emma under the water fall. They have a couple different ones . It's really a neat spot.
THis is where you walk in. It's a cool view and in downtown tempewith all the cool shops and eateries. The kids had alot of fun here and then we took them to red robin for some lunch cause my mom had never been to one. It was pretty yummy.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

more pics of gramma lala's visit.

Here are some pictures of when we went to arizona mills.. it's a huge shopping outlet store place but they have everything and so much for kids. There is the disney store and a rianforest cafe and imax theatre and a huge new aquarium and well the list could go on and on before ever talking about their stores. It was so fun to walk around and look. We bought some cheap sunglasses but mostly just let lilly run and around and took pictures. Here are some.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I guess we will add some pictures today too.

I was so happy to see liz and her family had finally posted some pictures over on her blog. ( that is allan's sister for those of you that don't know) Anyway i decided to upload some of the ones i took of mom getting here and vegas. More are on our photosite see recent postings for the address.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Its been nice..

It's nice to have allan home at night. We got so use to him working nights that i'm really thankful that he is working some days now and gets to be home at night. I actually made supper lastnight for him. I got a recipe off the internet. It was simple. It said take 4-5 chicken breast, a can of corn, a can of black beans.. both drained and a jar of salsa and dump it in a crock pot on high for 4-5 hours. 30 minutes before it's done you put in a block of cream cheese. It smelled up the whole house wonderfully. I made rice and we ate it over top of the rice but i think cause the chicken shreds up really well in the crockpot that it would have been really yummy to take that meat and make enchilada's or burritos with it. It was a very mexican dish but so yummy.
Sunday i'm driving to pick up my mom in vegas. We are still really excited about that. Today the lady called to schedule a time for us to come in and sign all of our closing papers and what not. she left a message and then it was after hours before i got to call her back. But i guess we will be signing those when allan has a few days off or after mom leaves. Then we should know for sure when our move in date is. I just love our new house. It makes me really happy because the girls just love it there too. Everytime we go they run upstairs to their room and play. The house won lilly over as soon as she saw it had a table with tea cups in her room.
So on another note.. i think the dentist here are shady characters... I know lilly's teeth were pretty bad and that she needed alot of work that is not what i'm talking about.. what i'm talking about is that they charged me over 4000.00 out of my own pocket. which i paid the day she got her work done then i got the insurance bill and it said that i only owed the dentist 2500 out of pocket because the dentist had accepted lower fees cause they were an " in network provider" so where is my change.. that's alot of change to be missing.. ??? i called them. the lady said " no you show a zero balance" i said i undersstood that but what i wanted to know is do i get a refund? she beat around the bush every question i asked her and finally said she would call me back tomorrow after she looked thru the claims. Well tomorrow came and the next day no phone call. So i called again yesterday. she said that it looks like i will be getting a refundshe just has to go thru every thing in the claims and make sure how much. So she is suppose to now call me on monday and if she does not they are going to have one pee'd off lady at the office on tuesday. lol..
oh and while iwas looking at the claim.. they told me that i had to pay the anesthelogist a seperate fee all to him cause they didn't do their bills together.. but guess what they put on the claim.. 650 bucks for deep sedation. Now i'm pretty sure a dentist can't do dep sedation.. right??? yeah i'm thinking they are a mischevious bunch of dentist down here. Emma has an apt too on the 3r because apparently the dentist that was doing her teeth for so cheap didn't do good work. It's amazing.. lol they should all be fined.!! seriously there are thousands of them and its ridiculous!okay i'm getting off my rant now. I gotta go straighten up the house before allan gets home.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

happy birthday tomorrow!!!

Happy birthday to mike cowan! hope you have a great funfilled day even if it is at work!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

nothing much has changed..

there really isn't alot going on around here. alan is still working nights for the next few nights so me and lilly are doing things to occupy our time. I started woing out with my friend anna. She was a marine and well like me.. she isn't as small as she use to be. we have both gotten out of the service and we both had babies and well so we decided it was time to try to start losing some lbs. We really aren't so worried about lbs we aren't going to weigh ourselves at all cause i think it can just discourage you. So we started last friday and did a 30 minute workout. The next day we went to the water park with the kids and that pretty much was our workout. Everyone was exhausted after that. All day in the sun and climbing stairs to the slides over and over and then just even swimming around .... yeah that was a workout. Then we took a few days off cause jeff's family was in town ( anna's husband) So yesterday we picked back up cause they went home and i did 35 minutes on the eliptical machine and burned 407 calories. Tonight we did the same thing but for 40 minutes and i burned 463 calories. We also made dinner together each night and we had pear salad ( sandy you gave me this recipe and everyone has been going hog wild over it down here) Tonight we had baked chicken. I feel pretty great after we work out but we need to start doing it during the day cause ever want to go to bed after it and well i already have rouble sleeping when allan isn't here. Tomorrow anna is going to go to a casting call for biggest loser. it would be a long shot for her to get on it but you never know so she wants me to go with her. It's at a mall here in town so i guess i might try to crawl out of bed early and got with. It should be interesting. ;-) alright well time for bed. hope everyone is having good week.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's calm again..

We go from being terribly busy to doing nothing at all. lol.. Emma went back to her moms today and everytime she leaves it feels very quiet after she is gone. Lilly misses her. We changed beds around here and so we put a queen size bed in their room to share and now lilly is in there alone. She looks so little in that huge bed lol. We got our king bed out of storage and put it in our room so we would have more room. That thing take up about the whole room though. lol. We had some good news today. The lady selling us the house sent me an email and said they are definetly starting the conversion back into the single unit house early. That means it won't be used as a model anymore and we get to close early. We may be in there around sept 15th. So that's exciting. I'm so ready to be in our own house. Moving in early would mean we would get to use the pool for a while too.
Emma and lilly had a blast at the big surf water park. I took some pictures but i haven't downloaded them yet. I will soon so you guys can see it. We got emma's back to school shopping down while she was out here. Lots of one color shirts with only 3 buttons or less. lol.. i guess they have a pretty strict dress code but at least the shirts could be whatever color.
Allan is back to work for 6 nights and then he will of officially started his new schedule. HE works 4 on 2 off back and forth between working days and nights.
Allan was going to go shoot for the long drive competition here in town. It's a qualifier for the big national one i guess. He hurt his elbow while emma was here. Throwing kids around in the pool.. someone always ends up hurt right.. lol. So we are just going to get him the actual long driver that they use and let him practice for next year.
We are looking at having my mom come back down to visit with lilly and go see the new house and just keep me some company. It's lonely when allan's working nights. So she may come down in a week or two. ;-) Anyway i'm off to watch a little tv if i can find anything worth watching, if not it's shower and bedtime.