Friday, August 27, 2010


So lilly may be trying to potty train herself. Lol.. I just decided that i wasn't dedicated enough to follow thru with her and to give her more time.. well i have been letting her run around naked in the house.. ( this is something that allan hates by the way) She has ran around a few days before but either she pooped in the floor or came and told me half way thru peeing.. she would never make it to the pot really in time and it was ALWAYS me running her there midstream. Anyway i was letting her run around again yesterday and allan came home from work. i was in the office but i heard him asking her what she was doing. ( i thought oh no what is she doing?) i assumed i would be cleaning up pee or worse in a few minutes.. To my suprise she hadn't came and got anyone she just climbed up to the toilet and was peeing all by herself when he happened to walk by the bathroom and heard her. So we were both amazed and gave her a piece of candy and tons of hugs and kisses so she knew she did something grand and we did a little dance. Today i picked her up from daycare and they told me that she went pee there with no problems. So i brought her home and let her run aruond naked again. Shewas in here playing and stopped and said she needed to poop and took off running to the bathroom... I thought " yeah right" she has fooled me a time or two and just goes in there to sit and play. Nope she went right in there crawled up there and well she didn't poop but she did pass some gas ( which she still puts her thumb on her forehead and giggles and says farted) and then she peed in the potty again. So more candy and dances and kisses. Day two in a row that she has made it .. We have not even attempted night time and i don't think we will till we have a good handle on this peeing thing. But we are day two into actually having her feel the need to pee and get on the pot in time! woohoo. I"m not sure what clicked and if it will stay clicked and she hasn't had to pull her pants down by herself yet so we aren't there yet but moving in the right direction still.
Allan gets off tonight for the weekend. Yeah!! I think we may go look at cars this weekend. We keep trading cars it seems like. But we have this huge suburban now and it's old and clunky and it was great for in wyoming when you had snow and stuff but here it is not so great. IT takes forever to cool down and its a pain on gas and i drive across towns and on the freeway alot. So we are thinking about trading it in and getting something else now that we don't owe anything on it really. I hate car payments but it makes no sense to have such a huge vehicle for just me and lilly going around town. I'm not sure what kind of vehicle we will look at getting though. We always like the honda's.. those things just go forever and are great on gas and have no real problems. I did see a ford focus that was a2009 for only 10k which i thought was pretty cheap for a brand new car almost. Who knows. I don't even really care. Just something easy to get in and out of that i can zip around in and not pay a fortune in gas cause it's expensive these days. That suburban has like a 40 gallon tank. I'm serious it's like 37 gallons or something crazy and it feelsl ike you spend all day doing a fill up and half your paycheck.. lol. Anyway wish us luck on that endeavor. It's no fun talking to sales people.
Oh i'm starting a crazy diet next month. I'm putting it out here to make myself do it.. lol. I've talked about it with friends on facebook too. It's the HCG diet. It's crazy cause you get like 500 calories the whole day. Which is like nothing i know... But you do it for 26 days. I have a few friends that have tried it. PJ the realestate agent from casper did it twice and lost 37 lbs and she wasn't very big to start. we talked to them the other day to see if they had gained it back or if they had anything to complain about and i guess they have kept it off and said they eat alot of fruits andveggies these days because it's what your body really wants to have after that diet. So i figure it is my jumpstart if ican get thru it. Do that see how much i lose then go back to eating healthier and exercising to maintain and maybe lose some more. Everyone i know that has tried it swears it's great. Some said they were just starving. I talked to a doctor here about it and she says its different for everyone but some can handle it fine some she had to put on appetite suppressants but she said everyone that had doen it in her clinic had lost weight except for two people and they were both gastric bypass people and she thinks it's just different for them.
Anyway i may start it on the 1st. Anna my friend is suppose to be doing it with me. I'll probably be posting about it to come and how i don't have any energy. lol..
anyway i need to get dinner in know for allan see ya!

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The Thorsrud Family said...

I've heard of it. The HCG that I know is comes in a spray, and even every time you get hungry you spray more into your mouth. Is that how this one works? If not, it is suppose to be more natural. Good for you!