Friday, August 13, 2010

Its been nice..

It's nice to have allan home at night. We got so use to him working nights that i'm really thankful that he is working some days now and gets to be home at night. I actually made supper lastnight for him. I got a recipe off the internet. It was simple. It said take 4-5 chicken breast, a can of corn, a can of black beans.. both drained and a jar of salsa and dump it in a crock pot on high for 4-5 hours. 30 minutes before it's done you put in a block of cream cheese. It smelled up the whole house wonderfully. I made rice and we ate it over top of the rice but i think cause the chicken shreds up really well in the crockpot that it would have been really yummy to take that meat and make enchilada's or burritos with it. It was a very mexican dish but so yummy.
Sunday i'm driving to pick up my mom in vegas. We are still really excited about that. Today the lady called to schedule a time for us to come in and sign all of our closing papers and what not. she left a message and then it was after hours before i got to call her back. But i guess we will be signing those when allan has a few days off or after mom leaves. Then we should know for sure when our move in date is. I just love our new house. It makes me really happy because the girls just love it there too. Everytime we go they run upstairs to their room and play. The house won lilly over as soon as she saw it had a table with tea cups in her room.
So on another note.. i think the dentist here are shady characters... I know lilly's teeth were pretty bad and that she needed alot of work that is not what i'm talking about.. what i'm talking about is that they charged me over 4000.00 out of my own pocket. which i paid the day she got her work done then i got the insurance bill and it said that i only owed the dentist 2500 out of pocket because the dentist had accepted lower fees cause they were an " in network provider" so where is my change.. that's alot of change to be missing.. ??? i called them. the lady said " no you show a zero balance" i said i undersstood that but what i wanted to know is do i get a refund? she beat around the bush every question i asked her and finally said she would call me back tomorrow after she looked thru the claims. Well tomorrow came and the next day no phone call. So i called again yesterday. she said that it looks like i will be getting a refundshe just has to go thru every thing in the claims and make sure how much. So she is suppose to now call me on monday and if she does not they are going to have one pee'd off lady at the office on tuesday. lol..
oh and while iwas looking at the claim.. they told me that i had to pay the anesthelogist a seperate fee all to him cause they didn't do their bills together.. but guess what they put on the claim.. 650 bucks for deep sedation. Now i'm pretty sure a dentist can't do dep sedation.. right??? yeah i'm thinking they are a mischevious bunch of dentist down here. Emma has an apt too on the 3r because apparently the dentist that was doing her teeth for so cheap didn't do good work. It's amazing.. lol they should all be fined.!! seriously there are thousands of them and its ridiculous!okay i'm getting off my rant now. I gotta go straighten up the house before allan gets home.

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