Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's calm again..

We go from being terribly busy to doing nothing at all. lol.. Emma went back to her moms today and everytime she leaves it feels very quiet after she is gone. Lilly misses her. We changed beds around here and so we put a queen size bed in their room to share and now lilly is in there alone. She looks so little in that huge bed lol. We got our king bed out of storage and put it in our room so we would have more room. That thing take up about the whole room though. lol. We had some good news today. The lady selling us the house sent me an email and said they are definetly starting the conversion back into the single unit house early. That means it won't be used as a model anymore and we get to close early. We may be in there around sept 15th. So that's exciting. I'm so ready to be in our own house. Moving in early would mean we would get to use the pool for a while too.
Emma and lilly had a blast at the big surf water park. I took some pictures but i haven't downloaded them yet. I will soon so you guys can see it. We got emma's back to school shopping down while she was out here. Lots of one color shirts with only 3 buttons or less. lol.. i guess they have a pretty strict dress code but at least the shirts could be whatever color.
Allan is back to work for 6 nights and then he will of officially started his new schedule. HE works 4 on 2 off back and forth between working days and nights.
Allan was going to go shoot for the long drive competition here in town. It's a qualifier for the big national one i guess. He hurt his elbow while emma was here. Throwing kids around in the pool.. someone always ends up hurt right.. lol. So we are just going to get him the actual long driver that they use and let him practice for next year.
We are looking at having my mom come back down to visit with lilly and go see the new house and just keep me some company. It's lonely when allan's working nights. So she may come down in a week or two. ;-) Anyway i'm off to watch a little tv if i can find anything worth watching, if not it's shower and bedtime.

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