Monday, August 30, 2010

Co op..

I've heard about a wonderful co op and i was just amazed at how much stuff this lady got from this place for only 15 bucks. So i'm posting the website here..

Everyone that doesn't have their own garden and hates the stuff that is barely edible on the store shelves and if it is fresh and edible then it costs way too much.. if this is you and you live in one of the following states.. AZ, CO, ID, NV, OR, TX, UT, WA or Wyoming.. yes WYoming.. then you all need to investigate it and see if it would be good for you too. they have numerous drop locations. phoenix has a ton but i was suprised to see quite a few different cities on the wyoming list too.
I"m posting exactly what they say you get and how much here..

Current Offerings
Conventional Produce Basket $15 Contribution50% fruit, 50% vegetables, 100% healthy, delicious & fun
In the conventional basket we focus our buying as follows: High Quality, Low Cost and As Local as Possible… So, how hard do we try? Pretty hard! Most bananas are from Central America or the Carribean and are grown by a couple gargantuan conglomerate growers. We get all of our bananas from small farmers in central Mexico. This saves the co-op between $4 and $7 a box, keeps money with small farmers, and helps keep the carbon footprint small.
Together We are Changing the World One Dinner Table at a Time
strong>Organic Produce Basket $25 Contribution
50% fruit, 50% vegetables, 100% Certified Organic, healthy, delicious & fun
In the organic basket we focus our buying as follows: 100% Certified Organic Produce, high quality, low cost (which translates to “in season”!), and as local as possible! Much of the produce in the winter is Arizona local and regional to the rest of the co-op! We enjoy working with several local farmers. We always like it when our produce was in the ground just a couple days before distribution. Your produce doesn’t sit on store shelves for days before you get it!
Together We are Changing the World One Dinner Table at a Time
Tortilla Pack $10 Contribution
7 packs of tortillas – a dozen tortillas in each (Freezes well!)
3 packs 13″ Flour Tortillas
2 packs 6″ Flour Tortillas
2 packs 6″ Corn Tortillas
Flour Tortilla Ingredients – flour, soybean oil, water, salt, calcium propionate, baking powder, dough conditioner, tortilla stick no masCorn Tortilla Ingredients – corn masa flour, sorbic acid, cal pro, CMC, fumaric acid, guargum, enzymes, trace of lime
9-Grain Bread – 5 loaves $10 Contribution
Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Organic Whole Grain Wheat Flour, Water, Honey, Rye Flakes, Barley, Oats, Vital wheat gluten, cracked wheat, corn, rye, millet, flaxseed, sea salt, yeast. Contains: Wheat
Bountiful Baskets Granola – 2# $10 Contributions A little sweet, a little salty and some nutty goodness!Oats, Honey, canola oil, roasted & salted cashews, dates, diced pineapple, sunflower seeds,
Beans and Grains – $22 Contribution – Approx 25 Lbs 5# Lentils, 5# Soft White Wheat, 5# Pearl Barley, 5# Garbanzo, 5# Green Split Pea
Colorado Olathe Corn – Approx. 48 Ct. – $10.50 Contribution
California Round Tomatoes – Approx. 25 Lb’s – $11.50 Contribution
Green Chiles in a Burlap Sack – Approx. 25 Lb’s – $12.50 Contribution

So I haven't done it myself yet but i plan too. My friend says she get slike two good laundry baskets full of stuff for her 15 bucks. I know she had like 5-6 tomatoes( big), melons, a ton of mangos, lettuce, broccoli, plums, etc etc.. i guess they jsut give you a bit of everything. So the drops are at like 745 am though but if your an early riser and want to help they get there at 615 to set up the baskets and organize. If you help they give you alot of the extra stuff for free. I just wanted to share my find on here. I"m not sure if it will help anyone else but you only have to pay for it when you want to use it .. you place your order and I know in wyoming the growing season is so short then you are stuck with the crappy fruit that has been in a box way too long.. this is a way to get better!! I hope everyone that can will try it once! I plan to soon and i'll post more about my experience after i do.

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