Sunday, August 22, 2010

Emma came to visit too.. more pics.

We went to the splashpad in tempe town lake. I love this place cause it's free and they have so much fun and they can't drown. Its really cool.
Lilly being a big girl going down the slide by herself! I swear our kids are fearless.
Cute little frog sprayer. But i think Lilly got plowed over by this little boy.
Emma under the water fall. They have a couple different ones . It's really a neat spot.
THis is where you walk in. It's a cool view and in downtown tempewith all the cool shops and eateries. The kids had alot of fun here and then we took them to red robin for some lunch cause my mom had never been to one. It was pretty yummy.

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Jenn said...

I have had Emma's birthday here a couple of times. It is really nice and it is great when you have a summer party!