Tuesday, March 30, 2010

howdy do..

Well today was nice. Tomorrow i find out my delegation spot. I have to schedule 4 12 hour shifts with a nurse to end my clinicals. by the 4th one i should be doing th ewhole work load. yikes.. lol.. this is what we prepare for though right..??
Today i bought lilly paints. her first set of water colors. I think they cost 98 cents and the sketch pad was 1.89 but oh boy for under 3 bucks there is just tons of fun! she hasn't quit playing wiht them since i gave them to her. I have pictures of her but i haven't downloaded them cause i just took them. She loves dipping her paintbrush and she has made the paints all look brown but she doesn't seem to mind at all.
Allan is downstairs doing his homework. He went to the dentist today.. guess what??? yep he had 4 cavitys.. haha! so i'm still the winner. My filling doesn't even feel like it's there today and i've let people look in there and they cant even tell what tooth has the filling. So great job by the dentist.
I"m about to start some laundry and i think i'm calling it an early night. We stillhaven't heard anything about the texas job yet. We are suppose to know more tomorrow for sure but i'm not holding my breath. I think until allan just does the interview with the company we won't know anything.
Anyway I'm off to start some chores.

Monday, March 29, 2010

not so lucky..

well i went todentist andi did have my first cavity. boooo so they filled it ten inutes later so now i'm at home with my first filling ever. It does not feel good. my teeth feel very clean but this little filling hurts. Thank goodness it wasn't very deep. it was just on the surface and they put the filling that is tooth colored in there so it doesn't even look like i have a filling. that's nice. allan goes in tomorrow and i'm hoping he ahs to get one filled too.. lol. it's only fair right?? we both should have a cavity by the time we are thirty. right?? well stay tuned and i'll let ya know. haha. i'm going to take a little nap while lilly is down. see ya late!

slow day

Well i guess it hasn't really been slow it just feels that way. i got up took lilly to dentist this morning. Which she wasn't having any of. She clamped her teeth down and wouldn't let even me look at them. They refered us to a pediatric dentist which is fine but we aren't going to go. We are just oging to wait and find one when we get settled somewhere else. There's only one good one here and they are pretty packed so we are going to wait. I have to start really holding her down and brushing them. she will try to brush but she just doesn't do it. they said i should be flossing her teeth too but that isn't going to happen. When she is older fine but there is no way ican get floss in there i can barely do a brush. Anyway after that i went out ot allan's work to fill out some paperwork for him. Then We went and cahsed in lillys piggy bank because she broke it. She was a few dollars short of a 100 bucks so i pitched in about 3 bucks and we bought her a savings bond. i think this is her third or forth one. We have talked about it and i think we are going to try and start doing the same thing for emma. I have no idea what emma's mom does for saving for her but we feel like that shouldn't matter that emma and lilly are both our kidos and we should be fair and equal as much as we can to both. Nothing stinks worse than when kids feel less loved or like they are the not chosen one so we won't do that to our kids the best that we can. the bonds don't double till like 11 years so we have some time to catch emma up. lol. I think we are going to give it to them for graduation or maybe first car.. i don't know yet we are just going to wait and see. So after that i came home and changed the laundry and startedin on some homework for one of my classes. I have to type up all these journal entries because one of my classes ends in early april so it has to be done soon. Anyway i have a dental apt now at 2pm and allan has one tomorrow at 2. Tonight i have to go grocery shopping and allan has a ton of homework to catch up on. its only his first week in these new classes but he has some catching up to do already. lol he is taking programming and english 2. So i think he has some homework in programming for like first 2 chapters and then he also has a 600 word essay to write tonight.. he may be burning the midnight oil tonight to get it done. anyway mom is about to show up to watch lilly so i can head to dentist. Wish me luck.. i have never had to get a filling but i think it might be this visit that they tell me i need one.. i'm worried.. but i have had a little pain when eating sweets so i wouldn't be suprised. its not all the time but every once in a while. i know they put a watch on one of my teeth the last time soooo.. we will see

Friday, March 26, 2010

happy happy birthday to you to you!!

Just wanted to wish allan's sister Liz a happy birthday today. Hope she is enjoying it and that she didn't have to make her own cake!! Lol
That being said I'm volunteering this morning at the blue envelope healthfair. Its just for a couple hours. I'm doing the vision tests. The other day I did bone density scans. Yesterday I volunteered at the homeless clinic and it was so neat. I got to assist with two well woman exams. I also got to assess a clients lung function and give a breathing treatment and the normal check in stuff for a few clients. I was most interested in the paps. Its one thing to be the person on the table but to be able to actually see the cervix and understand the tests they are doing.. That was neat. I even got to look under the microscope because they do all their own testing there. It was really neat but I don't want to gross everyone out with details so ill stop there. I think this made me want to work in a clinic even more. Oh I have a customer gotta go!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

been a while

Okay so we have had one house showing and that's pretty much it. we had an open house that was a big belly flop. It was in teh paper that morning but no where on the internet and i really think people look more on the net for houses these days. i sure do! clinicals have been interesting. I'm up at 5 am right now about to go again. I had to do a big homework project last night but it was my last " concept map" ever!! so it made it worth it. anyway we haven't got much painting done lately. I had a big cancer test yesterday so i had to study my butt off for that. Everyone is healing up good though. I still have a slight cough and allan's toe hurts when you touch it but lilly is great. she is such a funny little bird. When i told her bye yesterday she looked up as i was backing out the door and said " have good day mama" it was precious! she is making more and more sentences. She likes to point out all the messes and if things are too high. she says " oh no a mess" and "it to high" Anyway i gotta grab some caffeine and head out. hope everyone has a great day!

Friday, March 19, 2010


We have our first house showing tomorrow at 3 so we will finally get some feedback on our house.

What a crazy week..

I had a horrible week back at school. Yep i got my first butt chewing from a doctor. Sad thing is that i was doing my job. I had to call him because i had critical lab values.. it's hospital policy that you call them within 30 minutes of recieving the lab. Well i did and then he came down to the floor and chewed my butt for calling him over nothing.. yeah fun. It gets even better but i'm still trying to focus on the good things that happened this week. hmm what was that again?? lol Allan got his poor toenial taken completly off for a ingrown nail. it looks really bad and i guess hurts like no other. i hate it when i bend my nail to far back or they break to far down so i can only imagine how a toenail being gone can feel. ouchy!!
We have our house on the market. Yep it's on jim edgeworths website and we have a sign out front with flyers in it. So hopefully we will start getting some bites. I went to do my volunteer thing this morning. I was scheduled to go help with healthcare for the homeless this morning. I had a blonde moment and got dressed in business casual with lab coat and headed to do this other volunteer thing that i have on monday. so i had to race back home throw my scrubs on and head back over to the homeless place. I thought i was going to be late and all together i was just having a bad morning. I walked in and was chatting with a lady that had pulled in beside me. We talked about the crappy weather and what not.. small talk. Anyway when we were going in the building she said " at least the tiny room they do this in won't be so hot" i asked her what she was here for and she looked at me and said " for housing" we walked thru the door at that moment and there was a line down the hall. I turned in the opposite direction to go to my healthcare side. When i got up there they said the doctor had called in sick so if they didn't have a doctor they didn't need a nursing volunteer either. So i left the building but on the way out i walked back pas the line and out the front door. There was a lady probably in her early 40's outside crying and visibly upset and saying it's bullcrap just bullcrap. I felt so bad for her. i think that she had been rejected for the housing or something. I have decided that i love the people who can help these poor souls but i don't think i will be working anywhere like that for any amount of time. I wanted to take them all home for with me or do something. My heart just went out to these people. I had forgot my coat and i was reminded on my walk to the truck that it was freezing outside and these people don't even have anywhere to stay tonight when there is inches of snow out there. It broke my heart a little. Maybe i'm just being too emotional but even know when i remember about it i'm holding back tears for these complete strangers. So this bad day that i was having.. it's nothing. I'm thankful for every bad day i have at school, in this crazy house, with my loving and annoying family because it sure could be alot worse. I have so much to be thankful for. Even though getting this house ready to sell has almost driven me crazy and stressed me out i'm sure thankful for a warm house to call home. School is such a pain and i don't feel in to it at all because we are so close to being done but i'm thankful for the oppurtunity to go at all. I'm so glad that i have that to complain about instead of not having any food or a job. And most of all.. having a two year old and a cranky husband that is in pain from a toenail.. well i'm so so so glad i have them becuase i love them and can't possibly imagine my life without these two dear precious people. I'm not promising that i wont' complain about silly stuff but you can rest assured that i know it is a trivial thing and that i know it could be tons worse. ;-)
Okay sorry i just had to get some of that off my chest. I think it's just easy to get wrapped up in everything that is going on in one's life and forget that not everyone has the same things going on.
I have been painting my butt off and now i'm headed to the shower so i can go study for this huge cancer test i have to do.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

back to the grindstone.. or maybe it's a break

it's back to school for me today. I'm not sure if i'm dreading it or looking forward to the break from all this house crap. We have drywall people coming back in today and the realtors are taking a tour thru the house so they all have an idea in case they have a buyer. We now have a sign in our front yard. Jim is pretty good. He works late, i think he brought the sign over on his way home at 830. yesterday i went to the doctor. I had a weird hard pea size lump behind myh right year. it wasn't painful just weird so i went in to have him look at it and then made him check a couple other moleish things.. lol. The lump was just a swollen lymph node.That's what i was guessing before i went in but lilly had the exact same bump and her's was like a big purple bruise with it so on the off chancei was wrong and this was some sort of symptom for some crazy virus or what not i went in to check. he says it will be fine and should go down and if it gets painful or bigger come back for antibiotics cause they can get infected. We have just had this crud for like over a week now. we are both feeling better but can't seem to get rid of the crud. lilly won't blow her nose so she is constantly snotty and i am coughing up the crap. yuck!! anyway alla went to the doctor the other day and he is going back tomorrow. poor guy has an ingrown toenail that he has to get cut off. They also did some blood work though and his liver and kidney stuff came back a little high and so they are a little worried about that. He is going to have that redrawn while he is there hopefully. I"m hoping it will just beint eh right range now. The doctor thought it could be from supplements that he takes for working out like the protein shakes and what not. So he isn't taking any of that stuff between then and when he gets his blood drawn. so say a little prayer for allan. It's his billirubin and creatinine that are high. billirubin is the same thing that causes jaundice in babies. anyway its time for me to go get dressed for class. see you all

Friday, March 12, 2010

busy busy bees..

We signed papers with jim edgeworth today and made it official. our house goes on the market on monday the 15th. SOOO soon. so today and the rest of the weekend will be spent wrapping up stuff so they can come take pictures so they can list it and make papers to stick in the box out front.
I posted some pictures of the kitchen floor. that is what we spent most of our time on today. We also painted lots of trim and two brown walls in our living room i took a couple pictures just to show what a mess our house has been in. lol.
lilly went to daycare today but they told me that all she did was lay around. SHe had a complete metldown at dinner tonight and now she is in her bed happy as a lamb. I"m not sure what is going on with her. I however am starting to feel that swollen gland in my throat again so it's time for me to hit the bed. more tomorrow maybe..

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

well a little better.. progress.

Here are some pictures of the wall. It's probably hard to imagine even if you have been to our house what we are trying to do. it looks like boards and insulation.. lol oh and one of lilly laying with her little feet crossed. she does this alot and now she knows how to cross her fingers too so she does that quite a bit too

Lilly still isn't doing great. She may have to go to doctor tomorrow. She still has her fever. I have to give her ibprufen every 8 hours or its skyrockets. I have to go get some tylenol to substitute this afternoon.
On a different note, allan and russle got the wall almost totally ready to go. We haven't cut the hole thru and I think we are going to wait till closer like this weekend. Allan still has to move and outlet and put a little framing in where the hole is going to go but he will probably do that tonight so we should be ready to do kitchen flooring tomorrow and some other jobs.
The only thing I have been able to do today is go talk to jim edgeworth. We are almost 100 % positive that we are going to go thru him. His track record of selling houses is pretty amazing. He sold like 103 or something in 2008. He said most realtors are averaging about 11 or so. Wow! Plus we think he has agreed to 5 percent cause I told him that was what pj was going to do. And she was. So I'm leaving it up to allan to tell pj nevermind. I don't think there is anything wrong with her but I just thought jim laid the numbers down better and didn't fluff up anything. So we are going to list at 167900 and come down in a month if we don't have any takers. Probably down to 165k. Jim gave me great pointers for getting a good house in phoenix and told us he would give us the name of a realtor he works with down there. So.. We are pretty sure we will go with him and try to get it on the market by the 20th or so.

so plans changed again

I'm glad we are running a little ahead of schedule with the wall cause we aren't doing great with me getting anything done. I have a list of stuff I'm suppose to be doing like painting walls touching up cabinets etc. None of it has got done in what 5 days now. Lilly was up again in he middle of the night. I haven't taken her temp to see what it has been but I'm telling you this girl is burning up. I gave her meds right before bed at 9. She wouldn't go to sleep they help but tend to make her hyper. So I don't think she went to sleep till 11? She was back up at 3 hot again and holding her head which was just pitiful. I loaded her up again which is hard cause now she knows she can spit it out. Yep she use to take it like.a champ but not anymore. I'm lucky to get anything in her and I have to hog wrestle her down to even try. So doesn't look like I'm going to get much done again today. Which is stressing me out. There's so much to do and we are running out of time. I'm just praying allan can get done early and help me get some of mine done. Sorry maybe my next post will be more cheery but I'm running on hardly any sleep and I'm stressed.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

gettíng things done!

The wall is completly framed in. Allan is working on the electrical part of it this afternoon and we may do the insulation tonight. If we do all that we will be ready to pour a little concrete and knock a hole in the main wall tomorrow. Aaron is suppose to come by to help me out later today. I think we will take a load of stuff to storage and maybe pick up the yard. I also have papers I have to fax in so that we can put a hold on the apartment we want in arizona. Lilly woke up this morning fever free. I'm hoping she feels well enough to go to daycare tomorrow morning so that I can get some painting done around the house. I'm just so glad she is feeling better. Mom may come over in a bit so I can get my running around done and that will help tremendously to have someone watching lilly. I can't get much done with a baby on my hip. She's much better but still recooperating. Keep us in prayers please.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

its a slow progress

Its slow but its progress! Allan worked literally all day in the garage on the wall. We have about half of it framed in. We had to go to home depot a few times but hey its progress. Tomorrow we are starting bright and early at 7 am. My mom is going to come watch lilly so I can go help allan. Its hard not having anyone else to hold a board while your hammering it in place. Mom has a lot going on this week but I called her stressed out cause poor lilly is sick. I felt her gland in her throat because I could see it poking up it felt like a marble. She had a far off stare for half the day. I gave her some ibprofen and she perked up a little. The plan was to take her to daycare so I could help allan but with her sick that was a no go. She might go tomorrow afternoon if she is well enough. Aaron has to work and the guys that allan has helped in the past aren't exactly returning the favor. So we are on our own for the time being. We just have to get things done this week cause once he goes back to work on friday he won't have anymore time off till he leaves. So the big projects have to get done so we can list our house. I know that we have helped people over and over so its bound to be retrned to us at some point. My quote for the day is.." I know god won't give me more than I can handle. But I just wish he didn't trust me so much" mother teresa said that. So please keep us in prayer that we have strength and patience. After this week I have to start studying for a big test in class. We are taking one on cancer. One disease has never been a whole test. Its usually a whole system in the body and then five or six different diseases or problems that come into play within that system but cancer is big and has tons of different kinds and treatments. I wanted to wish sandy a late happy birthday! She was gone on her birthday and we sent her present a little early but we didn't forget you! It was the 4th and she turned 50.. I think or maybe she turned 46 a 4th time? Lol I'm kidding! We hope you had a good mini trip to laramie and got to see the quilt stores that you wanted to.
Lilly is finally down for the night. I'm hoping her coughing doesn't wake her up to much but me and allan are going to call it a night too. I'm glad I get to help him some tomorrow. Today I had to concentrate on laundry and dishes and making some meals up cause lilly wasn't having it if I got more than a few feet out of her site. Poor baby girl! Anyway goodnight ya'll!

Friday, March 5, 2010

okay more news..

allan talked to the job and they said the 19th of april is when they could wait to have him. So he agreed to work there if they give him two weeks off to come back and help me get the house moved and settled in. SOO looks like its a yes as long as our house sells.!! please pray that it sells at exactly the right time. not too early caus ei won't have a place to live and not too late cause i want to go be living with my husband!! yikes. I"m very excited but also feel alot like puking! allan is on his wa home so i think we are going to take tonight and celebrate and then get to work bright and early tomorrow morning on the wall or maybe kitchen floor. good night everyone. Keep us in your prayers okay

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Okay long exciting day!

So we heard from one realtor. We were hoping that our house would at least be around 160 because we bought it for 140 about 3 years ago. Well jim edgeworth said its worth 161-167. So that was great news. Today we had pj henderson come look and she is going to run numbers for us and figure what she would list it for but she told us that she thought he was a little low. She wasn't totally sure cause she needed some more houses to compare it to but she is going to come back over on monday and talk numbers with us. She also said he would go one percent lower than jim did. He might go lower to but we have to talk to him on wed. Jim is saying there is about 4K in extra expenses like taxes, titles, and such. She didn't think it would be quite 4K. She said titling is at least a 1000 but the other stuff shouldn't be 3K more. So we are weighing our options with realtors to see who we think will be better.
Next thing is allan did get a job offer from arizona. They would want him mid to end of april at the steel mill in arizona. They said they were willing to let him come back for my graduation and to take time to move our house. So we are thinking that might be the right move. Plus the pay was better than we thought it was going to be which would give me as much time as I needed to find my own job down there or at least study to pass my test and start looking down there.
Soooooo big stuff going on around here. I'm on spring break. Allan has taken the week off to so that we can get that wall built and the kitchen flooring in so we can put our house on the market. Tonight my friend meghann came over and we did some painting. I'm so lucky to have great friends that come and help. We painted our purple room downstairs a nice neutral brown. We also painted allans wine cellar so that looks finished. The realtors were both impressed with our house and both of them have said they could sale it in days if we listed low at 160. Pj says that would be a ridiculous price though. So that was great news for us. Now all we need is a buyer but not too fast! I think its all going to work out perfectly! I'm optimistic today. We are going to make some money on our house and we have lived rent free for 3 years pretty much so that's fantastic!!
Lilly is in bed so I'm relaxing watching some greys anatomy and going to sleep in tomorrow. I feel like I haven't slept good in a while so I'm hoping tonight is the night for some good rest. Allan is out of town but will hopefully be back tomorrow night as long as he doesn't get snowed out!
Good night everyone!

stay tuned..

WE have gotten word back about our house and another realtor is coming today to compare with us. Also we got word about allan's job in arizona.. he did get it but i'll have to post more later cause i'm running around to get the house ready for the realtor. oh and i'm officially on spring break!! whoohooo..

Monday, March 1, 2010

well we got some ideas

Jim edgeworth stopped by and looked at our house today. He had different ideas for the wall in the garage and i think it will cut the work down so that was nice. He also said we could list while we work on it that it didn't have to be finished. So that was good. HE also mentioned that he had a couple in mind that was looking for a house and this is what he could see them in.. ( which could be a bunch of bolagna) He didn't give us any numbers yet. He is going to arizona this week so said he would try to get it done just as soon as he could and give us a call with it. Then we would talk more and see what we want to do. I guess it all depends on what numbers he gives us. He liked all the work we had done to our house and most of the colors we picked out. he kept saying " this color is HOT" or "that's hot" .. this is a balding 40 year old.. lol. if i didn't know he did such a great job i might question him on some things. HAHA! So we are going to go ahead and fix the garage wall, touch up some other paint stuff, do the kitchen floor, and we are debating doing our bedroom floor. Either way we go getting the wood done or carpet it's kinda not cheap so we will have to talk about that when the numbers come back. He seemed pretty impressed with all the work we had put in it and he wanted us to write a sheet up of the work we had done since we had been in here. So that he could put it with the price we paid for it and show all the work we had done with it. So we are keeping our fingers crossed for a good number. He said he would go look for us some houses in queen creek. lol he was kidding but he ownsa house in phoenix and that's where he is going this week. He wasn't too concerned with anything in general passin an inspection. He said the lip of our garage might need to be fixed and we had to make a cover for out attic door cause that was a fire hit but those were both pretty minor i think. our garage was sold to us like that so he didn't think it would be a big deal either unless we got a picky inspector. We will just have to see. We let him see our old apprasial to compare notes. There is a house down the road on 15th street which i s busy street compared to ours the has 3 bedrooms one bath and no basement and is alot smaller and it is listed at 156K so that gives me some hope that we will get a good number but that house hasn't sold either.. he said that was good though cause he could take buyers there and show them that and then show them ours and maybe it would sweeten them up to our house.. lol. he seemed very nice and intelligent. Allan made it home in time today to talk to him too. I was very glad so they could talk the building side of things. I think i'm in charge of painting. lol or buying supplies. I can do that!
anyway keep us in your prayers alot is going on around here

pics from house and hotel.

pics from mcdonalds and movies