Tuesday, March 9, 2010

gettíng things done!

The wall is completly framed in. Allan is working on the electrical part of it this afternoon and we may do the insulation tonight. If we do all that we will be ready to pour a little concrete and knock a hole in the main wall tomorrow. Aaron is suppose to come by to help me out later today. I think we will take a load of stuff to storage and maybe pick up the yard. I also have papers I have to fax in so that we can put a hold on the apartment we want in arizona. Lilly woke up this morning fever free. I'm hoping she feels well enough to go to daycare tomorrow morning so that I can get some painting done around the house. I'm just so glad she is feeling better. Mom may come over in a bit so I can get my running around done and that will help tremendously to have someone watching lilly. I can't get much done with a baby on my hip. She's much better but still recooperating. Keep us in prayers please.

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