Friday, March 26, 2010

happy happy birthday to you to you!!

Just wanted to wish allan's sister Liz a happy birthday today. Hope she is enjoying it and that she didn't have to make her own cake!! Lol
That being said I'm volunteering this morning at the blue envelope healthfair. Its just for a couple hours. I'm doing the vision tests. The other day I did bone density scans. Yesterday I volunteered at the homeless clinic and it was so neat. I got to assist with two well woman exams. I also got to assess a clients lung function and give a breathing treatment and the normal check in stuff for a few clients. I was most interested in the paps. Its one thing to be the person on the table but to be able to actually see the cervix and understand the tests they are doing.. That was neat. I even got to look under the microscope because they do all their own testing there. It was really neat but I don't want to gross everyone out with details so ill stop there. I think this made me want to work in a clinic even more. Oh I have a customer gotta go!

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