Tuesday, March 16, 2010

back to the grindstone.. or maybe it's a break

it's back to school for me today. I'm not sure if i'm dreading it or looking forward to the break from all this house crap. We have drywall people coming back in today and the realtors are taking a tour thru the house so they all have an idea in case they have a buyer. We now have a sign in our front yard. Jim is pretty good. He works late, i think he brought the sign over on his way home at 830. yesterday i went to the doctor. I had a weird hard pea size lump behind myh right year. it wasn't painful just weird so i went in to have him look at it and then made him check a couple other moleish things.. lol. The lump was just a swollen lymph node.That's what i was guessing before i went in but lilly had the exact same bump and her's was like a big purple bruise with it so on the off chancei was wrong and this was some sort of symptom for some crazy virus or what not i went in to check. he says it will be fine and should go down and if it gets painful or bigger come back for antibiotics cause they can get infected. We have just had this crud for like over a week now. we are both feeling better but can't seem to get rid of the crud. lilly won't blow her nose so she is constantly snotty and i am coughing up the crap. yuck!! anyway alla went to the doctor the other day and he is going back tomorrow. poor guy has an ingrown toenail that he has to get cut off. They also did some blood work though and his liver and kidney stuff came back a little high and so they are a little worried about that. He is going to have that redrawn while he is there hopefully. I"m hoping it will just beint eh right range now. The doctor thought it could be from supplements that he takes for working out like the protein shakes and what not. So he isn't taking any of that stuff between then and when he gets his blood drawn. so say a little prayer for allan. It's his billirubin and creatinine that are high. billirubin is the same thing that causes jaundice in babies. anyway its time for me to go get dressed for class. see you all


Jenn said...

I left you a surprise on my blog :)

The Mason Bunch said...

I've presented an award from my blog post dated March 18th. Check it out.