Wednesday, March 24, 2010

been a while

Okay so we have had one house showing and that's pretty much it. we had an open house that was a big belly flop. It was in teh paper that morning but no where on the internet and i really think people look more on the net for houses these days. i sure do! clinicals have been interesting. I'm up at 5 am right now about to go again. I had to do a big homework project last night but it was my last " concept map" ever!! so it made it worth it. anyway we haven't got much painting done lately. I had a big cancer test yesterday so i had to study my butt off for that. Everyone is healing up good though. I still have a slight cough and allan's toe hurts when you touch it but lilly is great. she is such a funny little bird. When i told her bye yesterday she looked up as i was backing out the door and said " have good day mama" it was precious! she is making more and more sentences. She likes to point out all the messes and if things are too high. she says " oh no a mess" and "it to high" Anyway i gotta grab some caffeine and head out. hope everyone has a great day!

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