Thursday, March 4, 2010

Okay long exciting day!

So we heard from one realtor. We were hoping that our house would at least be around 160 because we bought it for 140 about 3 years ago. Well jim edgeworth said its worth 161-167. So that was great news. Today we had pj henderson come look and she is going to run numbers for us and figure what she would list it for but she told us that she thought he was a little low. She wasn't totally sure cause she needed some more houses to compare it to but she is going to come back over on monday and talk numbers with us. She also said he would go one percent lower than jim did. He might go lower to but we have to talk to him on wed. Jim is saying there is about 4K in extra expenses like taxes, titles, and such. She didn't think it would be quite 4K. She said titling is at least a 1000 but the other stuff shouldn't be 3K more. So we are weighing our options with realtors to see who we think will be better.
Next thing is allan did get a job offer from arizona. They would want him mid to end of april at the steel mill in arizona. They said they were willing to let him come back for my graduation and to take time to move our house. So we are thinking that might be the right move. Plus the pay was better than we thought it was going to be which would give me as much time as I needed to find my own job down there or at least study to pass my test and start looking down there.
Soooooo big stuff going on around here. I'm on spring break. Allan has taken the week off to so that we can get that wall built and the kitchen flooring in so we can put our house on the market. Tonight my friend meghann came over and we did some painting. I'm so lucky to have great friends that come and help. We painted our purple room downstairs a nice neutral brown. We also painted allans wine cellar so that looks finished. The realtors were both impressed with our house and both of them have said they could sale it in days if we listed low at 160. Pj says that would be a ridiculous price though. So that was great news for us. Now all we need is a buyer but not too fast! I think its all going to work out perfectly! I'm optimistic today. We are going to make some money on our house and we have lived rent free for 3 years pretty much so that's fantastic!!
Lilly is in bed so I'm relaxing watching some greys anatomy and going to sleep in tomorrow. I feel like I haven't slept good in a while so I'm hoping tonight is the night for some good rest. Allan is out of town but will hopefully be back tomorrow night as long as he doesn't get snowed out!
Good night everyone!

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