Friday, March 19, 2010

What a crazy week..

I had a horrible week back at school. Yep i got my first butt chewing from a doctor. Sad thing is that i was doing my job. I had to call him because i had critical lab values.. it's hospital policy that you call them within 30 minutes of recieving the lab. Well i did and then he came down to the floor and chewed my butt for calling him over nothing.. yeah fun. It gets even better but i'm still trying to focus on the good things that happened this week. hmm what was that again?? lol Allan got his poor toenial taken completly off for a ingrown nail. it looks really bad and i guess hurts like no other. i hate it when i bend my nail to far back or they break to far down so i can only imagine how a toenail being gone can feel. ouchy!!
We have our house on the market. Yep it's on jim edgeworths website and we have a sign out front with flyers in it. So hopefully we will start getting some bites. I went to do my volunteer thing this morning. I was scheduled to go help with healthcare for the homeless this morning. I had a blonde moment and got dressed in business casual with lab coat and headed to do this other volunteer thing that i have on monday. so i had to race back home throw my scrubs on and head back over to the homeless place. I thought i was going to be late and all together i was just having a bad morning. I walked in and was chatting with a lady that had pulled in beside me. We talked about the crappy weather and what not.. small talk. Anyway when we were going in the building she said " at least the tiny room they do this in won't be so hot" i asked her what she was here for and she looked at me and said " for housing" we walked thru the door at that moment and there was a line down the hall. I turned in the opposite direction to go to my healthcare side. When i got up there they said the doctor had called in sick so if they didn't have a doctor they didn't need a nursing volunteer either. So i left the building but on the way out i walked back pas the line and out the front door. There was a lady probably in her early 40's outside crying and visibly upset and saying it's bullcrap just bullcrap. I felt so bad for her. i think that she had been rejected for the housing or something. I have decided that i love the people who can help these poor souls but i don't think i will be working anywhere like that for any amount of time. I wanted to take them all home for with me or do something. My heart just went out to these people. I had forgot my coat and i was reminded on my walk to the truck that it was freezing outside and these people don't even have anywhere to stay tonight when there is inches of snow out there. It broke my heart a little. Maybe i'm just being too emotional but even know when i remember about it i'm holding back tears for these complete strangers. So this bad day that i was having.. it's nothing. I'm thankful for every bad day i have at school, in this crazy house, with my loving and annoying family because it sure could be alot worse. I have so much to be thankful for. Even though getting this house ready to sell has almost driven me crazy and stressed me out i'm sure thankful for a warm house to call home. School is such a pain and i don't feel in to it at all because we are so close to being done but i'm thankful for the oppurtunity to go at all. I'm so glad that i have that to complain about instead of not having any food or a job. And most of all.. having a two year old and a cranky husband that is in pain from a toenail.. well i'm so so so glad i have them becuase i love them and can't possibly imagine my life without these two dear precious people. I'm not promising that i wont' complain about silly stuff but you can rest assured that i know it is a trivial thing and that i know it could be tons worse. ;-)
Okay sorry i just had to get some of that off my chest. I think it's just easy to get wrapped up in everything that is going on in one's life and forget that not everyone has the same things going on.
I have been painting my butt off and now i'm headed to the shower so i can go study for this huge cancer test i have to do.

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