Sunday, March 7, 2010

its a slow progress

Its slow but its progress! Allan worked literally all day in the garage on the wall. We have about half of it framed in. We had to go to home depot a few times but hey its progress. Tomorrow we are starting bright and early at 7 am. My mom is going to come watch lilly so I can go help allan. Its hard not having anyone else to hold a board while your hammering it in place. Mom has a lot going on this week but I called her stressed out cause poor lilly is sick. I felt her gland in her throat because I could see it poking up it felt like a marble. She had a far off stare for half the day. I gave her some ibprofen and she perked up a little. The plan was to take her to daycare so I could help allan but with her sick that was a no go. She might go tomorrow afternoon if she is well enough. Aaron has to work and the guys that allan has helped in the past aren't exactly returning the favor. So we are on our own for the time being. We just have to get things done this week cause once he goes back to work on friday he won't have anymore time off till he leaves. So the big projects have to get done so we can list our house. I know that we have helped people over and over so its bound to be retrned to us at some point. My quote for the day is.." I know god won't give me more than I can handle. But I just wish he didn't trust me so much" mother teresa said that. So please keep us in prayer that we have strength and patience. After this week I have to start studying for a big test in class. We are taking one on cancer. One disease has never been a whole test. Its usually a whole system in the body and then five or six different diseases or problems that come into play within that system but cancer is big and has tons of different kinds and treatments. I wanted to wish sandy a late happy birthday! She was gone on her birthday and we sent her present a little early but we didn't forget you! It was the 4th and she turned 50.. I think or maybe she turned 46 a 4th time? Lol I'm kidding! We hope you had a good mini trip to laramie and got to see the quilt stores that you wanted to.
Lilly is finally down for the night. I'm hoping her coughing doesn't wake her up to much but me and allan are going to call it a night too. I'm glad I get to help him some tomorrow. Today I had to concentrate on laundry and dishes and making some meals up cause lilly wasn't having it if I got more than a few feet out of her site. Poor baby girl! Anyway goodnight ya'll!


Jenn said...

I hope Lilly gets to feeling better!

I like the new background :)

Sandy Keyes said...

Yes, I had a wonderful birthday, and loved all my gifts. Hope Lilly gets to feeling better soon. Love, Grammy