Monday, March 29, 2010

slow day

Well i guess it hasn't really been slow it just feels that way. i got up took lilly to dentist this morning. Which she wasn't having any of. She clamped her teeth down and wouldn't let even me look at them. They refered us to a pediatric dentist which is fine but we aren't going to go. We are just oging to wait and find one when we get settled somewhere else. There's only one good one here and they are pretty packed so we are going to wait. I have to start really holding her down and brushing them. she will try to brush but she just doesn't do it. they said i should be flossing her teeth too but that isn't going to happen. When she is older fine but there is no way ican get floss in there i can barely do a brush. Anyway after that i went out ot allan's work to fill out some paperwork for him. Then We went and cahsed in lillys piggy bank because she broke it. She was a few dollars short of a 100 bucks so i pitched in about 3 bucks and we bought her a savings bond. i think this is her third or forth one. We have talked about it and i think we are going to try and start doing the same thing for emma. I have no idea what emma's mom does for saving for her but we feel like that shouldn't matter that emma and lilly are both our kidos and we should be fair and equal as much as we can to both. Nothing stinks worse than when kids feel less loved or like they are the not chosen one so we won't do that to our kids the best that we can. the bonds don't double till like 11 years so we have some time to catch emma up. lol. I think we are going to give it to them for graduation or maybe first car.. i don't know yet we are just going to wait and see. So after that i came home and changed the laundry and startedin on some homework for one of my classes. I have to type up all these journal entries because one of my classes ends in early april so it has to be done soon. Anyway i have a dental apt now at 2pm and allan has one tomorrow at 2. Tonight i have to go grocery shopping and allan has a ton of homework to catch up on. its only his first week in these new classes but he has some catching up to do already. lol he is taking programming and english 2. So i think he has some homework in programming for like first 2 chapters and then he also has a 600 word essay to write tonight.. he may be burning the midnight oil tonight to get it done. anyway mom is about to show up to watch lilly so i can head to dentist. Wish me luck.. i have never had to get a filling but i think it might be this visit that they tell me i need one.. i'm worried.. but i have had a little pain when eating sweets so i wouldn't be suprised. its not all the time but every once in a while. i know they put a watch on one of my teeth the last time soooo.. we will see

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