Wednesday, March 10, 2010

well a little better.. progress.

Here are some pictures of the wall. It's probably hard to imagine even if you have been to our house what we are trying to do. it looks like boards and insulation.. lol oh and one of lilly laying with her little feet crossed. she does this alot and now she knows how to cross her fingers too so she does that quite a bit too

Lilly still isn't doing great. She may have to go to doctor tomorrow. She still has her fever. I have to give her ibprufen every 8 hours or its skyrockets. I have to go get some tylenol to substitute this afternoon.
On a different note, allan and russle got the wall almost totally ready to go. We haven't cut the hole thru and I think we are going to wait till closer like this weekend. Allan still has to move and outlet and put a little framing in where the hole is going to go but he will probably do that tonight so we should be ready to do kitchen flooring tomorrow and some other jobs.
The only thing I have been able to do today is go talk to jim edgeworth. We are almost 100 % positive that we are going to go thru him. His track record of selling houses is pretty amazing. He sold like 103 or something in 2008. He said most realtors are averaging about 11 or so. Wow! Plus we think he has agreed to 5 percent cause I told him that was what pj was going to do. And she was. So I'm leaving it up to allan to tell pj nevermind. I don't think there is anything wrong with her but I just thought jim laid the numbers down better and didn't fluff up anything. So we are going to list at 167900 and come down in a month if we don't have any takers. Probably down to 165k. Jim gave me great pointers for getting a good house in phoenix and told us he would give us the name of a realtor he works with down there. So.. We are pretty sure we will go with him and try to get it on the market by the 20th or so.

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