Monday, March 1, 2010

well we got some ideas

Jim edgeworth stopped by and looked at our house today. He had different ideas for the wall in the garage and i think it will cut the work down so that was nice. He also said we could list while we work on it that it didn't have to be finished. So that was good. HE also mentioned that he had a couple in mind that was looking for a house and this is what he could see them in.. ( which could be a bunch of bolagna) He didn't give us any numbers yet. He is going to arizona this week so said he would try to get it done just as soon as he could and give us a call with it. Then we would talk more and see what we want to do. I guess it all depends on what numbers he gives us. He liked all the work we had done to our house and most of the colors we picked out. he kept saying " this color is HOT" or "that's hot" .. this is a balding 40 year old.. lol. if i didn't know he did such a great job i might question him on some things. HAHA! So we are going to go ahead and fix the garage wall, touch up some other paint stuff, do the kitchen floor, and we are debating doing our bedroom floor. Either way we go getting the wood done or carpet it's kinda not cheap so we will have to talk about that when the numbers come back. He seemed pretty impressed with all the work we had put in it and he wanted us to write a sheet up of the work we had done since we had been in here. So that he could put it with the price we paid for it and show all the work we had done with it. So we are keeping our fingers crossed for a good number. He said he would go look for us some houses in queen creek. lol he was kidding but he ownsa house in phoenix and that's where he is going this week. He wasn't too concerned with anything in general passin an inspection. He said the lip of our garage might need to be fixed and we had to make a cover for out attic door cause that was a fire hit but those were both pretty minor i think. our garage was sold to us like that so he didn't think it would be a big deal either unless we got a picky inspector. We will just have to see. We let him see our old apprasial to compare notes. There is a house down the road on 15th street which i s busy street compared to ours the has 3 bedrooms one bath and no basement and is alot smaller and it is listed at 156K so that gives me some hope that we will get a good number but that house hasn't sold either.. he said that was good though cause he could take buyers there and show them that and then show them ours and maybe it would sweeten them up to our house.. lol. he seemed very nice and intelligent. Allan made it home in time today to talk to him too. I was very glad so they could talk the building side of things. I think i'm in charge of painting. lol or buying supplies. I can do that!
anyway keep us in your prayers alot is going on around here

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