Sunday, July 31, 2011

cali trip

We went to san diego this weekend. It was very fun. Allan and I got there before his friends that we were meeting, so we had time to go poke around. We drove to all our old hang out spots. We went and strolled around in imperial beach. I found some seashells, smooth stones, and one sand dollar that I brought home for lilly. She was so excited about the shells. She knows that some shells make noises but these did not. Too little. After we hung out we met up with billy and jess. Billys sister was getting married. They rented out a whole yacht for a cruise and we went out with them on Friday for that. It was very pretty and boy did the boys take advantage of all the free booze. They served us a meal onboard and gorgeous appetizers. It was very glammo. Impressive. Billys sister is from georgia and is a fun vibrant southern girl. Well she married an iranian man who has 4 sisters. It was an interesting crowd. After the cruise we changed clothes and headed to dinner in the gaslamp of course the boys couldn't go 2 blocks before dipping into another bar. Lol they haven't seen each other in quite a while and I think they were reminiscing about their marine corps days. So we stopped in an italian bar that was having happy hour and had a few 2 dollar beers. Then we went on to dicks last resort. Dicks is a restaruant where the staff is rude to you. Billy is quite the character and it was funny to see how he responded to someone being rude to him. He is like 6 feet 5 and huge and I got the impression that people aren't normally rude to him and if they are they don't live to speak of it.. lol. It was fun anyway. The boys almost had an altercation with some young dumb kids that kept suirting people with waterguns and silly string. They got billy a few times on accident and so that was enough after a few minutes. Security came and tossed the punks out. I honestly think they may have tossed billy and allan out but they probably didn't have enough man power to enforce it if they didn't want to go.. haha. So after that place I decided we probably needed a spot with a upbeat positive enviroment. So we went to the dueling piano bar. I highly recommend these to everyone. We use to go all the time. We had a blast and sung along with the whole bar the rest of the night. The next mroning we had breakfast at a yummy spot called the broken yolk. They have one in phoenix and scottsdale. Its very good.we all ate like we hadn't been fed in 5 days. 8t was all a very good fun time.I didn't take many pictures only about 5 on the phone but ill try to put them up later. Allan and I both have to work this morning and I'm picking up emma tonight. I also have a ton of homework to do need to take em school shopping, and we are planning a camping trip next week so just busy busy as usual. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

happy birthday hubster!

Just want to wish this AWESOME man I share a life with a very happy 31st birthday! YOu are the best husband ever honey! Hope we have many more birthday's to celebrate together!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

lilly pad the mermaid girl

Lilly has learned to use a life vest. We bought her a new one cause the one we had for her was way to little. She just didn't want to wear one at all and was perfectly content to stay where she could touch before. Now she loves to swim in the deep. She begs me to "swim in the deep mom". It's cute and funny. SHe jsut swims all around. She has stopped running in place and now goes onher belly and actually swims. The float vest we bought her has pads in it that you can take one out at a time. Has anyone else used this? I'm thinking it will be good cause she will feel safe using it and little by little i can take them out till she is swimming on her own. I'd love to hear from anyone that has used this type and how it went for you guys? any pointers?
okay anyway i better get back to cleaning and laundry. I've been waiting for the sneaky house cleaning fairies to come all day but i think they missed my house haha..

Friday, July 15, 2011


Well I went to an interview today. It was a couple positions. One was school nurse but they wanted an lpn. They would of loved to have me being an rn but the pay was low and it wasn't anywhere close to the house. The other job was interesting. They wanted me to teach highschool. Yep they wanted me to teach high school studentsc.n.a. skills to prepare them for their certification at the end of the school year. It was an interesting oppurtunity but I still feel like I'm learning so much as a nurse that I'm not willing to give it up to teach yet. It would be nice to have teaching hours but since lilly isn't in school yet I like working 3 days a week max right now. So all in all I won't be taking either job. I'm going to stick with what I know and keep trucking along on my bsn degree.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

this is our dust storm.. crazy huh?

so that was a video of the dust storm we got on july 5th. The video was orginally like 6 minutes but the shortened it down to 2 to show everything. Crazy huh? These things just come out of no where it seems. I was driving in it and we went straight home cause I couldn't see a thing. what was awful was there were a ton of joggers in our neighborhood. I felt like i should be offereing them all rides home but I don't pick up strangers especially with lilly in the car. I felt bad for them being caught out in this though. the grit that flys around gets all in your eyes and it's hard to breathe regularly. I have been runy nosed or clogged up till today from that last storm.

We are all doing fine here. My classes started today and neeless to say i haven't even looked at them guess i better get to that. First i'm going to go take lilly swimming. She has learned to swim with a lifevest so it's fun to take her out there and swim all day. guess we will go out for an hour then head back in for homework time. Allan and I both go back to work tomorrow. fun fun. see ya!

Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm sitting in the parking lot at work typing this. I got here too early today. I had the last week or so off and I guess I had that strange paranoid feeling that I would be late so couldn't have that. So here I am early. Allan my significant other is off now for 8 days straight. He is so excited to have so many days off. We aren't really doing much though. My mom and brother are still in texas till the 12th. This means that I have to work when allan isn't working cause we dotn have a sitter that can come at 5 am and stay till 8 otherwise. So allan and lilly are having some good father daughter time today and tomorrow.
I signed up for two more classes for my bsn. Yuck! Seriously I'm over it and I know everyone is tired of hearing about it. Ill just say this.. after these two classes I only have 3 more thank you jesus! Allan is getting the ball rolling on some sort of management bachelors degree. They will tell him in the next few days how many classes he will need to take.
We have killed about a dozen scorpions in the back yard over the last few weeks. The exterminator is coming needless to say. I drew the line when I killed to tiny baby ones right over our back door. They could of fallen on one of us. So we were overdue for the pest guy anyway so he is coming monday .
Hmm what else?? Not sure. Oh I want to send a get well soon out to allan's dad wade. He had a minor surgery the other day so we are hoping he is healing well and being careful not to lift while in recovery.
Ok well I guess I better head on in to work. See ya later.
Sorry just had to add one last thing that I heard today.. a guy here in az is going to be locked up for 90 days because he got mad and shot his own car with a gun. Apparently it wouldn't start so he got mad and shot at it. Well here in az it is against the law to shoot your own vehichle. First of all I think that law is retarded. If I bought and paid for the car isn't it mine to treat how I want to.. not that id shoot my car but don't I have that right? Its not a human. I'm not infringing on anyone elses rights so what is the problem? Second this guy gets 90 days and casey anthony gets 10??? That's all I'm going to say on that. Any thoughts???

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

july pictures so far..

check out the photosite for more pics.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Leslie came to visit. We have been having tons of fun. We have played bingo because she was my original bingo partner from way back in the day in california. We have also went out to eat a few times. And today we went and had a barbque with john and serra. Today we are at bingo again. Some guy just won 24 thousand dollars. I can't even imagine winning that kind of money. Tomorrow I take her back to the airport. It was a short trip but a fun one. I think allan and I are gonna have to try to plan a trip to visit her and her husband when he gets back from deployment sometime. They live in florida. I can always use an excuse to visit a beach. I hope everyone is having a fun and safe fourth of july weekend. I plan on watching fireworks with lilly and my bbrother aaron tomorrow night. Happy 4th!