Wednesday, July 13, 2011

this is our dust storm.. crazy huh?

so that was a video of the dust storm we got on july 5th. The video was orginally like 6 minutes but the shortened it down to 2 to show everything. Crazy huh? These things just come out of no where it seems. I was driving in it and we went straight home cause I couldn't see a thing. what was awful was there were a ton of joggers in our neighborhood. I felt like i should be offereing them all rides home but I don't pick up strangers especially with lilly in the car. I felt bad for them being caught out in this though. the grit that flys around gets all in your eyes and it's hard to breathe regularly. I have been runy nosed or clogged up till today from that last storm.

We are all doing fine here. My classes started today and neeless to say i haven't even looked at them guess i better get to that. First i'm going to go take lilly swimming. She has learned to swim with a lifevest so it's fun to take her out there and swim all day. guess we will go out for an hour then head back in for homework time. Allan and I both go back to work tomorrow. fun fun. see ya!

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