Sunday, July 31, 2011

cali trip

We went to san diego this weekend. It was very fun. Allan and I got there before his friends that we were meeting, so we had time to go poke around. We drove to all our old hang out spots. We went and strolled around in imperial beach. I found some seashells, smooth stones, and one sand dollar that I brought home for lilly. She was so excited about the shells. She knows that some shells make noises but these did not. Too little. After we hung out we met up with billy and jess. Billys sister was getting married. They rented out a whole yacht for a cruise and we went out with them on Friday for that. It was very pretty and boy did the boys take advantage of all the free booze. They served us a meal onboard and gorgeous appetizers. It was very glammo. Impressive. Billys sister is from georgia and is a fun vibrant southern girl. Well she married an iranian man who has 4 sisters. It was an interesting crowd. After the cruise we changed clothes and headed to dinner in the gaslamp of course the boys couldn't go 2 blocks before dipping into another bar. Lol they haven't seen each other in quite a while and I think they were reminiscing about their marine corps days. So we stopped in an italian bar that was having happy hour and had a few 2 dollar beers. Then we went on to dicks last resort. Dicks is a restaruant where the staff is rude to you. Billy is quite the character and it was funny to see how he responded to someone being rude to him. He is like 6 feet 5 and huge and I got the impression that people aren't normally rude to him and if they are they don't live to speak of it.. lol. It was fun anyway. The boys almost had an altercation with some young dumb kids that kept suirting people with waterguns and silly string. They got billy a few times on accident and so that was enough after a few minutes. Security came and tossed the punks out. I honestly think they may have tossed billy and allan out but they probably didn't have enough man power to enforce it if they didn't want to go.. haha. So after that place I decided we probably needed a spot with a upbeat positive enviroment. So we went to the dueling piano bar. I highly recommend these to everyone. We use to go all the time. We had a blast and sung along with the whole bar the rest of the night. The next mroning we had breakfast at a yummy spot called the broken yolk. They have one in phoenix and scottsdale. Its very good.we all ate like we hadn't been fed in 5 days. 8t was all a very good fun time.I didn't take many pictures only about 5 on the phone but ill try to put them up later. Allan and I both have to work this morning and I'm picking up emma tonight. I also have a ton of homework to do need to take em school shopping, and we are planning a camping trip next week so just busy busy as usual. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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Jenn said...

hahah Billy is def not someone I would want to cross...he is huge! LOL Not that Allan is very small either.
I bet you guys had a blast. I miss San Diego. I absolutely love it there. One of these days I want to take an adult only trip so I can experience all the not so kid friendly places :)