Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm sitting in the parking lot at work typing this. I got here too early today. I had the last week or so off and I guess I had that strange paranoid feeling that I would be late so couldn't have that. So here I am early. Allan my significant other is off now for 8 days straight. He is so excited to have so many days off. We aren't really doing much though. My mom and brother are still in texas till the 12th. This means that I have to work when allan isn't working cause we dotn have a sitter that can come at 5 am and stay till 8 otherwise. So allan and lilly are having some good father daughter time today and tomorrow.
I signed up for two more classes for my bsn. Yuck! Seriously I'm over it and I know everyone is tired of hearing about it. Ill just say this.. after these two classes I only have 3 more thank you jesus! Allan is getting the ball rolling on some sort of management bachelors degree. They will tell him in the next few days how many classes he will need to take.
We have killed about a dozen scorpions in the back yard over the last few weeks. The exterminator is coming needless to say. I drew the line when I killed to tiny baby ones right over our back door. They could of fallen on one of us. So we were overdue for the pest guy anyway so he is coming monday .
Hmm what else?? Not sure. Oh I want to send a get well soon out to allan's dad wade. He had a minor surgery the other day so we are hoping he is healing well and being careful not to lift while in recovery.
Ok well I guess I better head on in to work. See ya later.
Sorry just had to add one last thing that I heard today.. a guy here in az is going to be locked up for 90 days because he got mad and shot his own car with a gun. Apparently it wouldn't start so he got mad and shot at it. Well here in az it is against the law to shoot your own vehichle. First of all I think that law is retarded. If I bought and paid for the car isn't it mine to treat how I want to.. not that id shoot my car but don't I have that right? Its not a human. I'm not infringing on anyone elses rights so what is the problem? Second this guy gets 90 days and casey anthony gets 10??? That's all I'm going to say on that. Any thoughts???

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