Tuesday, July 19, 2011

lilly pad the mermaid girl

Lilly has learned to use a life vest. We bought her a new one cause the one we had for her was way to little. She just didn't want to wear one at all and was perfectly content to stay where she could touch before. Now she loves to swim in the deep. She begs me to "swim in the deep mom". It's cute and funny. SHe jsut swims all around. She has stopped running in place and now goes onher belly and actually swims. The float vest we bought her has pads in it that you can take one out at a time. Has anyone else used this? I'm thinking it will be good cause she will feel safe using it and little by little i can take them out till she is swimming on her own. I'd love to hear from anyone that has used this type and how it went for you guys? any pointers?
okay anyway i better get back to cleaning and laundry. I've been waiting for the sneaky house cleaning fairies to come all day but i think they missed my house haha..

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