Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Monday, December 29, 2008

thanks Mi this is great!! lol

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Happy First Birthday!!! Pictures, Images and Photos

My sweet baby is 1 today!

My sweet little girl is turning 1. This first year has been good. I've learned alot and i think that i'm a totaly different person than i was a year ago and that's due to miss lilly.
She was born on Dec 29th,2007 at 1:11am. She wieghed 6lbs 11oz and was 19 inches long. Her hair was pretty brown but has turned very blonde since then. Her eyes have stayed the same gorgeous blue that they have always been since day 1.
We love being parents and are so blessed to have such a sweet little baby girl. Thank you lord for blessing our lives with this sweet kido! here are some pictures of her first year.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Relaxing at last!

Sheww.. I love christmas but i sure am glad the hustle and bustle of it is over with. lol. Lilly is in her jumper watching some cartoons on the verge of sleep with a bottle of real milk in her mouth. Yep i think we are officialy out of the formula. We ran out and I gave her real milk all night last night. She took it just fine this time. So we have switched. NO MORE FORMULA!!! yeah!!
Allan has his last christmas present to open tonight. I bought him a huge air compressor. He has wanted one and been pissy when he has needed one over the last couple years. So i broke down and bought him one today from sears. I think he is really going to like it.
We are suppose to be going to a christmas party tonight and to watch the UFC fight. I don't know if that is going to happen or not. Allan was home for the holidays but they called him on friday and he didn't get home till 10pm last night then he was back out at 8 this morning and isn't home still. Last time i called he didn't sound like he was coming home anytime soon. So we will have to wait and see.
Mom just went to Odds and Ends to see if they had anything she couldn't live without. Aaron got two new video games today so he is down in his room playing them. I have beencleaning all morning. Well everyone has so we are finally relaxing now. We had to take a huge load to the dump this morning and i mean it was huge.. lol. So much trash after christmas and with the basement being worked on .. shhewww..
Oh please say a little prayer for my cousin Julian. Poor guy is almost 3 now and he broke his little leg on christmas. He tripped in an empty box and fell. He is getting a cast on it monday but pray for his family cause it sure is tough when it's your kido hurt.

Friday, December 26, 2008

WE had a birthday party..

We celebrated lilly's first birthday early and maddies 3rd birthday late and then we had to also celebrate the birth of jesus. So the above pictures are from our party.

pics from christmas.

We had a wonderful time over christmas. It was a very nice day with way too much food and lots of fun with all the babies.I hope everyone else's holiday was just as good.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I can't wait for the relaxing time...

HOlidays are for relaxing with family right? I guess i'm ready for the holidays then cause man I"m done with the running around. lol. I still have to go to walmart today and see the madness of last minute shoppers. I have to pick up lilly and maddie's birthday cake. I got a cute strawberry shortcake one. I picked up everything i needed for dinner at liz's house and mom picked up everything for the birthday party over here on christmas. So we are pretty set here. Aaron is getting ready to go shovel our sidewalks cause we got an inch or two yesterday. It's suppose to snow again on friday bbut this snow may stick around till thursday so we may have a white christmas on the ground anyway. lol..
Hope everyone is having a good holiday so far!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I thought this was soooo cute!

well we did one night..

Yep lilly slept in her bed all night long last night. She even slept till 8 am this morning. She ahd to cry herself to sleep after i got fed up but shegave up crying after a matter of minutes. I went in there to see if she was asleep and she wasn't. She was all bent over just sitting there. I straightened her out and handed her her bottle and tucked her in. She fell asleep right after that and was out like a log. I took a bath which usually wakes her up and it didn't. lol.. It wasn't an easy night though. I got up first at 130am and picked her up gave her her bottle and put her right back down. Then allan went in at 230 and did the same thing. I think she got up around 5ish too and allan got up then too butshe didn't stay awake very long at all when she did wake up. lol.. So i guess it wasn't that bad. Hopefully the times of night she wakes up will just get less and less. She woke up with a full diaper of diarrhea again. It's been every day since the 12th. She hasn't vomitied in days but she has a very bad poop every morning. It comes out every side of her diaper and stinks like no other. I think i'm going to call the doctor on monday. It just doesn't seem like she even eats as much as she is pooping so i'm guessing she is losing a little weight. It's been a week and a half almost. YUCK!!
Today we are goign to go have sunday breakfast out. We aren't going to church this morning like we planned last night. WE just aren't ready to rush around and get ready. So we are slowly going to get ready and go eat somewhere nice. Allan is oging to work on the basement again today. He is putting in a new door down there. A bigger one so that we can get things down there and he is going to try to wire in all the lights and outlets today. He got a pretty good start on it yesterday and he got the framing of the wall done up to the door anyway. WE had the best dinner last night. YUMM YUMM. I made steak kabobs. It so hit the spot and reminded everyone of summer even thought it was -5. lol. They were quite tasty with marinaded steak, red/green peppers, pinapple, and a red onion. WE also had big baked potatoes and rolls. MOm invited her two friends over and it was a nice little evening.
Anyway i have to go get my kido dressed and ready for breakfast. see you all.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

We have been super busy lately. Mom's friend is in town so she has been busy with that. Aaron has been working and hanging out with his friends. Allan was working and actually has this weekend off so far. Lilly and I have been hanging out quite a bit and i think she is becoming a brat. lol.. She keeps throwing little temper trantrums. I think i'm going to end up having to punish her somehow but i haven't been to quick doing it cause she hasn't felt well. She has still been having diarrhea every morning.
The neighbors just stopped by with a present for lilly. It's funny because it's the neighbors that i wouldn't of dreamed in a million years would come give her a present. It's the ones right beside us with the camper out front that never moves all year long. We have given them passed down clothes from lilly but we sure didn't expect a present. Its a nice one too. It was a baby doll with a stroller and change of clothes. How sweet and what a suprise. lol..
Anyway the boys are up and moving in the basement. Allan is framing in the last wall for the family room then he is going to run the electric wire for outlets and lights.
I have another screaming girl on my hands so i guess i'll sign off for now.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

So close but so far..

I went to bingo with aaron and tasha last night. Tasha and I were celebrating our math finals and aaron never really gets to go cause he usually works till 9pm and bingo starts at 7pm. Anyway we are excited cause the jackpot games are up to 3700.00 and 4200.00 and they are possible to hit. We waited and waited for those two games and I ended up getting very close. I needed one more number and they called like ten more that weren't mine. It stunk! Aaron missed a bingo and if you miss it they won't pay you. Then tasha missed a bingo. Then we had ones that would have been ours but someone bingo'd right before us.OUr number was next like 3 times. It was a very bad bingo night. lol.. I think we are going to go back and try it one more time tonight. Maybe if we can.
Is Ups running behind? I sent out all kinds of presents and they were suppose to get to most places by the 16th and i haven't heard a word wether they got there or not. hmm..
Today i'm going to finish the laundry and go to the grocery store. It seems like my laundry pile is never ending cause i just can't get to the bottom of it. I'm determined to do it today. !!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

some new pics

got my final grade!

woohoo.. i made an A in math! I missed only 1 on my final. I couldn't believe it. I had a total of 591 points out of a 600 for the total class. I"m so excited about that one. Anyway, I'm officially on my winter break andI have to many errands to write much else. lol

sick sick sick..

I'm so tired of the sickness. Lilly seems to be better druing the day but last night allan and i went out to deliver christmas presents to friends and eat at the lime leaf and during the two hours we were gone she puked twice. She seemed to be fine after we got home so we worked on trying to get her to sleep in her own bed. We've needed to switch her for so long but she gets all comfy in our bed and it was just easier while i was in school. She didn't like the idea of being in her own bed at all. I kept picking her up and comforting her then i would make her lay back down. After her screaming about this about 4 times she finally was getting so sleepy i could see the light at the end of the tunnel. lol.. So the laast time i picked her up and she started falling asleepin my arms so i put her back down. she had a bottle and she seemed to know that she had to lay there... her eyes followed me all over her room though. She didn't want me to walk out of the room at all. So i went over and rocked in her chair. She was okay with that and ended up falling asleep at 9pm. She woke up at 1am and allan brought her in our bed. I had to use the bathroom and when i came back i scooped her up and took her back to her bed. She got her bottle and went right back down in her own bed. She must have gotten back up around 430am cause she somehow still managed to sleep from 430 till 8am in our bed. lol.. But i'm okay with it. I think it went well for the first night. We have to keep working on it tonight. Poor girl got up this morning and while i was making breakfast had a diaper that came up and out of her pajama's. It was so gross. We had to go straight to the tub. There was no cleaning any other way. Allan did make it back to work today. I plan on going to the store this morning and i would like to run to odds and ends ( this neat little second hand furniture store) I want to find a better rocker. They are always so expensive but i'm sick of the one in lilly's room. It squeaks more than anything and it's not comfy but it was free from a friend so you can't complain too much about free. lol.. Next week is christmas... Is everyone ready for the holidays? I"m so ready to relax. I want to hang out with family and laugh at kido's and go look at christmas lights with hot chocolate in the car. I'm excited about lilly getting her new carseat too and turning one.. wow my baby is going to be 1.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's almost over!!!

I finished up my last final today. It was a math one. I haven't got my grade for it back yet. I did get my grade for my nursing process class which is the basic backbone of the semester. I have an 87% for the class. I finished a class a while back with an 89% i think. So I'm looking like a straight B student and i don't even care. They told us going in to the nursing program that if you were use to being a straight A student that you might just have to lower your expectations and remember that C's are passing. However there c's don't start at 70 they start at 73 i think.. cause a B starts at 83-90 and a A is 91 or above.
Lilly was fine all day yesterday and then when i was getting ready to crawl in bed after cramming for my final she started whimpering. I went in there and picked her up and she threw up all over me and it stunk like no other in there too. The smell had more of a poop odor than vomit and i looked and sure enough she was full to the brim of diarrhea again.
Allan came home from work early yesterday and he went straight to bed after hitting the toilet about 15 times. he slept from 2pm tillright around 11pm today. He is at the doctor now. This has been a tough one on everyone here. Allan and lilly were the only ones vomiting but we have all had a touch of it. I feel good now so hopefully the rest are behind me in the line to recovery. lol. Its hard to celebrate being done with one long semester when everyone is sick.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

We're still alive!

Yep lilly had an awful day. she couldn't keep anything down. I finally had to call the pediatrician on call and they said nothing not even liquids for 4 hours then i could give her 1oz of pedialyte. If she held that down she could have another in 20 minutes and slowly increase. Well i could only wait about 2 of the 4 hours before i just felt too horrible holding back even a drink. I knew she was getting way too dehydrated so i gave her the oz of pedialyte at about 5 yesterday. She held it down. So she got some more and by 9pm she ate a little applesauce. Not much. She drank two big bottles of gatorade during the night last night but it was a very crappy night. She cried off and on thru out it and would gag. This morning she is doing better. She is still clingy and not up to par but she held down cherios this AM and has had bites of different things spaced out today. She is a little hungry so i'm taking that as a good sign. We are going to make it thru this first sickness after all. lol.. Doesn't just seem never ending when your in the middle of it?
It is really a bad time for all this to be happening too. Isn't it always? lol.. I have final this coming mon and tuesday and really wanted to devote my weekend to studying for them. However, with sick babies and allan's christmas party i haven't had any time. I think mom volunteered to take her tonight but after no sleep last night i'm so exhausted i may fall asleep studying. lol.. OH and we have more snow on the horizon. I don't know why but when it snows i just want to stay curled up on the couch with a blanket. I did go sledding the last snow but i hadn't done that in years. I found out that it was alot easier to get on the sled when i was 10. lol.. I think i dragged my behind half way down the hill. My brother went with me and I'm sure he thought i was a big chicken. To be honest i was. I wanted to start in the middle of the hill instead of the top and all i could picture was a broken tailbone among other broken parts. lol... I did have a good time though and i want to go back with allan once finals are done and we can take some time together. ;-)

Friday, December 12, 2008

well i feel better but lilly woke up vomiting. She threw up all over my bed then all over in the living room. Poor girl just doesn't feel well. She seems fine except tha she gets way clingy. Doesn't want to be put down at all and doesn't want anyone to take her but me. Allan's work is having a party tonight but it's debatable if we are going to go or not. I want to cause it's the first christmas party we will go to in the last few years. Plus it's at a pretty nice place here in town and i here they give out nice prizes or presents. Also me and allan could just down right use a night to ourselves. However, if lilly is still being sick i don't know if i could have a good time leaving her at home. She has only had some stuffy noses since she was born. She hasn't ever gotten sick yet. I just feel bad for her. I think it is wonderful that she made it till almost her first birthday without ever getting sick though. Wehn she was throwing up she kept trying to get away from it. Like if she could walk away she would quit. Poor thing. She seems pretty normal now. NOt cranky or anything .
Okay i am off to the pharmacy.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today has been fun.. lol. I have been having pains in my side/stomach.. I'm wondering if it's my appendix really. It hurts. I had the first one driving home from liz and nolans house today. We went and wished maddie a happy b-day and talked about christmas plans. Anyway, Yes so i had the first one driving home and wondered if i would have to pull over it hurt so bad. I was doing 20 thru downtown and got to a stop light. Then it went away for a while. It's a kinda a dull throb until it all of a sudden just shoots pain. It's quite strange. Mom is home with me now and making lasagna instead of me cause i keep getting these pains. I've been stretching out on the couch and trying to keep lilly under control but we moved our tree out into the open and now she is all over it and the presents. She wants all the bows for herself. Funny little thing. She is pushing her walker around the house. She isn't sitting in it. She literally walks by pushing it around. I think she is just too old for it now but she likes it when she hasn't seen it for a while.
We mailed all our presents out and boy... shipping is just crazy these days. It cost me 80 something dollars to ship everything.
I hope you all like what i sent. I also sent out the cards with our newest pictures in them. We took thme while emma was here so look for those.
I gotta get back to the couch. I'll write again soon..

Monday, December 8, 2008

quick tidbits..

It has been ridiculous around here lately. I had school all day long and i'm just finishing up my homework. The snow doesn't help much either since i had to go to my friends house to borrow a book and it takes like 30 minutes to go 4 streets down. We got dumped on like no other! lol. I have clinicals really early again tomorrow morning so i'm about to go crawl in bed. If you think of me this coming week say a prayer. I have all my finals next week and still have a test on Wed this week too. I'm so glad this semester is almost over though. WHEEWW.. one down how many more to go? lol
Lilly is doing good. she has been standing up a whole lot more so i imagine she will take a step sometime soon it just hasn't happened yet. she goes from sitting to standing all on her own though so next thing is walking..
Allan made it home in the snow tonight but he has to go to douglas again tomorrow and he has a horrible cold. He gets sick alot. I told him that if he gets the flu this year he will be the first one in line next year to get a shot because he didn't get one this year or last and last year he did get the flu. It seems like he is working on it again this year. I on the other hand work at the hospital with everything imaginable and haven't been sick yet, i'm proud to say. I did get my flu shot too. lol..
We have made cookies till our eyes popped. Every different kind and i'm officially sick of christmas cookies. So watch the mail. Some of you will be getting them soon.
Anyway, I have to go hit the hay. My morning starts way too soon.

Friday, December 5, 2008

santa Pictures, Images and Photos

Quick update

Emma got home safe and sound and i got home a day later. The roads were horrible when i was heading back so i stayed the night with Sandy and Wade in wheatland which is about 2 hours away from casper. I finally made it home yesterday atclose to 4. I got a late start on the drive back cause Sandy and I decided to be night owls and stay up talking till 230am. So i didn't really leave her house till around 130 the next day cause i was mvoing slow and sleeply.. lol
So I get home and the house has no groceries. I have to go grocery shopping pronto cause by no groceries... I mean 'NO groceries" we are out of everything. So i went to wally world and stocked up on everything we needed and i bought lilly a carseat. She gets to be a big girl and turn around and face forward. She has still been in her baby seat and it lays down. So it's time to sit her up and turn her around. I'm excited about that. I think she is suppose to be 22 lbs but she isn't quite there. She will be one and she is close to the weight so we are going with it. It's her birthday present.
I still need to get out and do a bit more shopping. We still have allan's family to do. WEll.. a few people in his family. Plus there are a couple more things i need to get for allan. So i may head to the stores today to finish that up.
Have i told you that i have a terror on my hands..? Yep, Lilly is being the biggest brat right now. I have started swatting her. She throws tantrums. if you are holding her and you try to move her away from soemthing that she wants but shouldn't have.. she throws her whole body around and screams. It's horrible. So we have started saying NO alot around here, and she has started getting little swats on the behind when she isn't listening or if she is throwing a trantrum. She is turning 1 right? If 1 is this bad i can't wait for the terrible twos.. lol.
Anyway i have to go see about my sweet good baby gril right now. Can anyone hear the sarcasim in my typing?