Saturday, December 20, 2008

We have been super busy lately. Mom's friend is in town so she has been busy with that. Aaron has been working and hanging out with his friends. Allan was working and actually has this weekend off so far. Lilly and I have been hanging out quite a bit and i think she is becoming a brat. lol.. She keeps throwing little temper trantrums. I think i'm going to end up having to punish her somehow but i haven't been to quick doing it cause she hasn't felt well. She has still been having diarrhea every morning.
The neighbors just stopped by with a present for lilly. It's funny because it's the neighbors that i wouldn't of dreamed in a million years would come give her a present. It's the ones right beside us with the camper out front that never moves all year long. We have given them passed down clothes from lilly but we sure didn't expect a present. Its a nice one too. It was a baby doll with a stroller and change of clothes. How sweet and what a suprise. lol..
Anyway the boys are up and moving in the basement. Allan is framing in the last wall for the family room then he is going to run the electric wire for outlets and lights.
I have another screaming girl on my hands so i guess i'll sign off for now.

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