Saturday, December 13, 2008

We're still alive!

Yep lilly had an awful day. she couldn't keep anything down. I finally had to call the pediatrician on call and they said nothing not even liquids for 4 hours then i could give her 1oz of pedialyte. If she held that down she could have another in 20 minutes and slowly increase. Well i could only wait about 2 of the 4 hours before i just felt too horrible holding back even a drink. I knew she was getting way too dehydrated so i gave her the oz of pedialyte at about 5 yesterday. She held it down. So she got some more and by 9pm she ate a little applesauce. Not much. She drank two big bottles of gatorade during the night last night but it was a very crappy night. She cried off and on thru out it and would gag. This morning she is doing better. She is still clingy and not up to par but she held down cherios this AM and has had bites of different things spaced out today. She is a little hungry so i'm taking that as a good sign. We are going to make it thru this first sickness after all. lol.. Doesn't just seem never ending when your in the middle of it?
It is really a bad time for all this to be happening too. Isn't it always? lol.. I have final this coming mon and tuesday and really wanted to devote my weekend to studying for them. However, with sick babies and allan's christmas party i haven't had any time. I think mom volunteered to take her tonight but after no sleep last night i'm so exhausted i may fall asleep studying. lol.. OH and we have more snow on the horizon. I don't know why but when it snows i just want to stay curled up on the couch with a blanket. I did go sledding the last snow but i hadn't done that in years. I found out that it was alot easier to get on the sled when i was 10. lol.. I think i dragged my behind half way down the hill. My brother went with me and I'm sure he thought i was a big chicken. To be honest i was. I wanted to start in the middle of the hill instead of the top and all i could picture was a broken tailbone among other broken parts. lol... I did have a good time though and i want to go back with allan once finals are done and we can take some time together. ;-)

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