Friday, December 5, 2008

Quick update

Emma got home safe and sound and i got home a day later. The roads were horrible when i was heading back so i stayed the night with Sandy and Wade in wheatland which is about 2 hours away from casper. I finally made it home yesterday atclose to 4. I got a late start on the drive back cause Sandy and I decided to be night owls and stay up talking till 230am. So i didn't really leave her house till around 130 the next day cause i was mvoing slow and sleeply.. lol
So I get home and the house has no groceries. I have to go grocery shopping pronto cause by no groceries... I mean 'NO groceries" we are out of everything. So i went to wally world and stocked up on everything we needed and i bought lilly a carseat. She gets to be a big girl and turn around and face forward. She has still been in her baby seat and it lays down. So it's time to sit her up and turn her around. I'm excited about that. I think she is suppose to be 22 lbs but she isn't quite there. She will be one and she is close to the weight so we are going with it. It's her birthday present.
I still need to get out and do a bit more shopping. We still have allan's family to do. WEll.. a few people in his family. Plus there are a couple more things i need to get for allan. So i may head to the stores today to finish that up.
Have i told you that i have a terror on my hands..? Yep, Lilly is being the biggest brat right now. I have started swatting her. She throws tantrums. if you are holding her and you try to move her away from soemthing that she wants but shouldn't have.. she throws her whole body around and screams. It's horrible. So we have started saying NO alot around here, and she has started getting little swats on the behind when she isn't listening or if she is throwing a trantrum. She is turning 1 right? If 1 is this bad i can't wait for the terrible twos.. lol.
Anyway i have to go see about my sweet good baby gril right now. Can anyone hear the sarcasim in my typing?

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Jennifer said...

LOL awww miss lilly is getting an attitude! No worries about the 2's, it really is the terrible 3's!!!