Monday, December 8, 2008

quick tidbits..

It has been ridiculous around here lately. I had school all day long and i'm just finishing up my homework. The snow doesn't help much either since i had to go to my friends house to borrow a book and it takes like 30 minutes to go 4 streets down. We got dumped on like no other! lol. I have clinicals really early again tomorrow morning so i'm about to go crawl in bed. If you think of me this coming week say a prayer. I have all my finals next week and still have a test on Wed this week too. I'm so glad this semester is almost over though. WHEEWW.. one down how many more to go? lol
Lilly is doing good. she has been standing up a whole lot more so i imagine she will take a step sometime soon it just hasn't happened yet. she goes from sitting to standing all on her own though so next thing is walking..
Allan made it home in the snow tonight but he has to go to douglas again tomorrow and he has a horrible cold. He gets sick alot. I told him that if he gets the flu this year he will be the first one in line next year to get a shot because he didn't get one this year or last and last year he did get the flu. It seems like he is working on it again this year. I on the other hand work at the hospital with everything imaginable and haven't been sick yet, i'm proud to say. I did get my flu shot too. lol..
We have made cookies till our eyes popped. Every different kind and i'm officially sick of christmas cookies. So watch the mail. Some of you will be getting them soon.
Anyway, I have to go hit the hay. My morning starts way too soon.

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