Saturday, December 27, 2008

Relaxing at last!

Sheww.. I love christmas but i sure am glad the hustle and bustle of it is over with. lol. Lilly is in her jumper watching some cartoons on the verge of sleep with a bottle of real milk in her mouth. Yep i think we are officialy out of the formula. We ran out and I gave her real milk all night last night. She took it just fine this time. So we have switched. NO MORE FORMULA!!! yeah!!
Allan has his last christmas present to open tonight. I bought him a huge air compressor. He has wanted one and been pissy when he has needed one over the last couple years. So i broke down and bought him one today from sears. I think he is really going to like it.
We are suppose to be going to a christmas party tonight and to watch the UFC fight. I don't know if that is going to happen or not. Allan was home for the holidays but they called him on friday and he didn't get home till 10pm last night then he was back out at 8 this morning and isn't home still. Last time i called he didn't sound like he was coming home anytime soon. So we will have to wait and see.
Mom just went to Odds and Ends to see if they had anything she couldn't live without. Aaron got two new video games today so he is down in his room playing them. I have beencleaning all morning. Well everyone has so we are finally relaxing now. We had to take a huge load to the dump this morning and i mean it was huge.. lol. So much trash after christmas and with the basement being worked on .. shhewww..
Oh please say a little prayer for my cousin Julian. Poor guy is almost 3 now and he broke his little leg on christmas. He tripped in an empty box and fell. He is getting a cast on it monday but pray for his family cause it sure is tough when it's your kido hurt.

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