Sunday, December 21, 2008

well we did one night..

Yep lilly slept in her bed all night long last night. She even slept till 8 am this morning. She ahd to cry herself to sleep after i got fed up but shegave up crying after a matter of minutes. I went in there to see if she was asleep and she wasn't. She was all bent over just sitting there. I straightened her out and handed her her bottle and tucked her in. She fell asleep right after that and was out like a log. I took a bath which usually wakes her up and it didn't. lol.. It wasn't an easy night though. I got up first at 130am and picked her up gave her her bottle and put her right back down. Then allan went in at 230 and did the same thing. I think she got up around 5ish too and allan got up then too butshe didn't stay awake very long at all when she did wake up. lol.. So i guess it wasn't that bad. Hopefully the times of night she wakes up will just get less and less. She woke up with a full diaper of diarrhea again. It's been every day since the 12th. She hasn't vomitied in days but she has a very bad poop every morning. It comes out every side of her diaper and stinks like no other. I think i'm going to call the doctor on monday. It just doesn't seem like she even eats as much as she is pooping so i'm guessing she is losing a little weight. It's been a week and a half almost. YUCK!!
Today we are goign to go have sunday breakfast out. We aren't going to church this morning like we planned last night. WE just aren't ready to rush around and get ready. So we are slowly going to get ready and go eat somewhere nice. Allan is oging to work on the basement again today. He is putting in a new door down there. A bigger one so that we can get things down there and he is going to try to wire in all the lights and outlets today. He got a pretty good start on it yesterday and he got the framing of the wall done up to the door anyway. WE had the best dinner last night. YUMM YUMM. I made steak kabobs. It so hit the spot and reminded everyone of summer even thought it was -5. lol. They were quite tasty with marinaded steak, red/green peppers, pinapple, and a red onion. WE also had big baked potatoes and rolls. MOm invited her two friends over and it was a nice little evening.
Anyway i have to go get my kido dressed and ready for breakfast. see you all.

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