Wednesday, December 17, 2008

sick sick sick..

I'm so tired of the sickness. Lilly seems to be better druing the day but last night allan and i went out to deliver christmas presents to friends and eat at the lime leaf and during the two hours we were gone she puked twice. She seemed to be fine after we got home so we worked on trying to get her to sleep in her own bed. We've needed to switch her for so long but she gets all comfy in our bed and it was just easier while i was in school. She didn't like the idea of being in her own bed at all. I kept picking her up and comforting her then i would make her lay back down. After her screaming about this about 4 times she finally was getting so sleepy i could see the light at the end of the tunnel. lol.. So the laast time i picked her up and she started falling asleepin my arms so i put her back down. she had a bottle and she seemed to know that she had to lay there... her eyes followed me all over her room though. She didn't want me to walk out of the room at all. So i went over and rocked in her chair. She was okay with that and ended up falling asleep at 9pm. She woke up at 1am and allan brought her in our bed. I had to use the bathroom and when i came back i scooped her up and took her back to her bed. She got her bottle and went right back down in her own bed. She must have gotten back up around 430am cause she somehow still managed to sleep from 430 till 8am in our bed. lol.. But i'm okay with it. I think it went well for the first night. We have to keep working on it tonight. Poor girl got up this morning and while i was making breakfast had a diaper that came up and out of her pajama's. It was so gross. We had to go straight to the tub. There was no cleaning any other way. Allan did make it back to work today. I plan on going to the store this morning and i would like to run to odds and ends ( this neat little second hand furniture store) I want to find a better rocker. They are always so expensive but i'm sick of the one in lilly's room. It squeaks more than anything and it's not comfy but it was free from a friend so you can't complain too much about free. lol.. Next week is christmas... Is everyone ready for the holidays? I"m so ready to relax. I want to hang out with family and laugh at kido's and go look at christmas lights with hot chocolate in the car. I'm excited about lilly getting her new carseat too and turning one.. wow my baby is going to be 1.

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